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There is no set age. It all depends on the maturity of the child and what the judge or mediator thinks.

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Q: In California how old does a child of divorced parents have to be to be able to have input on visitation?
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What age in Virginia can a child of divorced parents decide they want to stop visitation with their out of state father?

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Who was the child that divorced his parents?

who ws the child that divorced his parents and what year did he do it

How do you stop visitation of divorced parent?

You probably don't - in general, the law supports the idea that both parents should be in the child's life. If you feel that visitation might harm the child in some way, you can ask the courts to require supervised visitation, or visitation limited to public places.

Can a parent deny visitation to the other parent if child receives bad grades?

No. Visitation rights for divorced or unmarried parents cannot be dictated by the parents in a manner you described. If a parent feels like there have been a change of circumstances or that a parent is acting against the best interests of the child then the parents need to go back to court and modify the child visitation agreement.

Do you have to be divorced to get visitation in Mississippi?

If married you have equal rights to the child so no visitation needed. If you never been married you have to petition the court for visitation rights.

In California a father wants no custody or visitation does he still have an obligation to pay child support?

Yes, though in California the child support and visitation are linked. The less time you parent the child, the more you pay.

Do grandparents have legal visitation rights in California?

They don't have any automatic rights, but they do have the right to petition the court for visitation. However, if the child's parents are married then the grandparents can only petition under certain circumstances (ie the parents are separated, the child doesn't live with either parent, etc).

Can the mother keep the child from seeing his dad if he is paying child support?

Yes, they can. My parents are divorced. They got divorced when my mother was 8 months pregnant with me. My father paid child support until he got sick of it. But anyways, my mum kept me, and I'm still with her, 13 years, and same as my sister. :) Payment of child support does not, in itself, confer any right to visitation. However, the custodial parent must abide by any visitation orders. In many States, violation of a visitation order is a crime.

Can divorced parent have a person to whom they are not married sleep in the home during child visitation?


Is it kidnapping if a parent takes child out of state when it is not that parents visitation?


What age in Calif can a child refuse visitation?

18 unless the parents let the child choose.

What age can a child decide if they want to go for visitation in Idaho?

It is not up to the child to EVER decide if they want to go to visitation. Visitation is court ordered and the other parent has the RIGHT to see the child. As long as the visitation order is in effect, the child must go to the visitation. This is because parents plot and scheme and brainwash their children into believing that the other parent is the anti christ (custodial parents). Both parents should be encouraging a productive relationship between any child and their other natural parent. The child can decide to do whatever they want when the court ordered visitation expires or they reach the age of 18.

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