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Cancelled insurance"They cancell you" What part of "Cancelled " don't you understand? Once your cancelled, you have no coverage. any grace period would have been before the cancel date, not after it.

The insurance company is a BUSINESS, if you don't pay them on time, they CANCEL you. BE an adult and take care of your responsibilities.

Ok, Here is the thing! You also get what you payed for!!! Understand that if you payed for three month's, you have three months of insurance. If you, have not paid for this three weeks---then you are $hit out of luck. Pay off your, debt -it does go against your credit.


You're so wrong!!! Non payment of a premium is an automatic cancelation of your policy, even if you lived on the Moon! I hope that you truly understand this whole thing, because if you drive uninsured and injure somebody, you'll be paying for the rest of life.

On the other hand, your Insurance carrier is supposed to report your lapse to the DMV as soon as it occurres, which may cause your license and registration to be suspended.

Bottom line is, buy insurance and pay for it, you'll be just fine.

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Q: In Florida are you still covered for 3 weeks even after non payment and they cancel you?
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