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i live in Missouri, while im not completely sure about the laws concerning leagal custody...i do know that after a certain age it is no longer the courts decision, it is yours. Also tho, if you are seventeen you can move out, but the first parent is able to take you to court and get you back.

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Q: In Missouri what age can a child that the parents have joint legal custody can move to the other parents home?
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Who has child custody in divorce when their is no custody set?

The parents have assumed joint custody.

In Pennsylvania can you move out of state with joint custody?

Joint custody is a court order whereby custody of a child is awarded to both parties. In joint custody both parents are "custodial parents" and neither parent is a non-custodial parents, or in other words the child has two custodial parents.

If both parents have joint legal custody at what age in Missouri can the child decide which parent they want to stay with?

Missouri don't have a law addressing that. see link

How is joint custody of a child decided?

Joint custody of a child can be decided by the parents whereby they share responsibilities for the child. Schedules can be worked out so the child spends time with both parents. Courts can also decide to award parents joint custody in the case of legal disputes and indeed some states have a preference for this in law.

Do you have to have sole custody to get child support?

No. Courts routinely award child support in cases where the parents have joint custody.

Who claims the child if you have joint legal custody in Missouri?

The one that has the child 51% of the time. see my profile

If parents have joint custody who is responsible for the child's medical bills?

That should be expressed in the custody orders.

Can you move out of state with your child having joint custody with out the other parents permission?


Can a parent with joint custody move with child without the other parents permission?


How can the father get joint custody of his child?

By petitioning the court to give joint custody to the parents. In most state, Joint Legal Custody is the standard. If you mean Joint Physical Custody, with 50/50 Custody, this is more complicated, requiring preparation similar to petitioning for full custody.

If both parents have joint legal custody who decides to send child to boarding school?

If both parents have joint legal custody, both parents must agree on the child going to boarding school. If one parent made the decision with out the input of the other, this would break the custody agreement.

If no court order for custody has been granted and the parents are unmarried who has the custody of a child in Minnesota?

An unmarried mother has custody of her child until the father has established his paternity in court and requested joint custody.

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