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Try to use ping to see if the mail server is ok. If it answers ping then check the availability of smtp (port 25) and pop( port 110) services by using "telnet name_of_mail_server 25" (or 110 depending on what service requires verification). If you receive for smtp an answer like "220 name of isp some data ESMTP" (only 220 matters which is a code for service ready) then smtp works. For pop u have to type username: nameofuser and afterwords password:something... i do not know the exact steps (i used it only once or twice). Then... if it's all k, it can be outlook express that's faulty. Usually, this means the inbox file is damaged (inbox.dbx) and the program can not receive mail because it cannot repair inbox and write into it the new messages. Also... sent items can be damaged... u get the impression that u can't send mails... because outlook automatically tries to write into sent items as you send your message and since it can't it will abort displaying crappy error message that doesn't mean anything. Use the menu to create 2 sub new folders under "Local folders" - old inbox and old sent items. copy any message into them so that corresponding files are created in the folder where outlook stores it's messages and memorized in folders.dbx (use find *.dbx to get that location). after that... u can delete first the 2 files... old inbox and old sent... rename inbox.dbx to old inbox.dbx and sent items.dbx to old sent items.dbx -> remember names must coincide with the names of the files deleted. now u have a folder that has only old inbox.dbx and old sent.dbx, but no inbox.dbx and no sent.dbx because the original files were renamed. that's k. when crappy email client starts... it will recreate these files... and hopefully everything will go back to normal. wish you luck... and remember... before anything you do... make a backup copy.

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Sometimes a simple cleansing of the registry cleans the problem. There are many utilties available that supply such a service.

There are 3 step to repair outlook express ox800ccc19 error

If you got outlook express ox800ccc19 error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair outlook express ox800ccc19 error you need to follow the steps below:

* Step 1 - Download a outlook express ox800ccc19 error repair tool,install this error repair tool.

* Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you PC for Free.

* Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair outlook express ox800ccc19 error.

Here are the URL of outlook express ox800ccc19 error repair tool:

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Q: In Outlook Express how can you fix error message a timeout occurred while communicating with your server error number ox800ccc19?
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What is the difference between outlook outlook express?

what is the difference between outlook and outlook express

Can Outlook be retrieved from Outlook express?

There is no reason to retrieve Outlook files to Outlook Express as Express is no longer obtainable or supported. You can import files from Express to Outlook or Live mail.

Difference between Outlook and Microsoft Outlook express?

Difference between outlook and Microsoft outlook express? Outlook Express is part of Internet Explorer and comes with every version of Windows. Depending on what version of Internet Explorer you have will determine what version of Outlook Express you have. For example, IE 6 will have Outlook Express 6. Outlook itself is a more powerful version of Outlook Express and is separate from Internet Explorer. It can be purchased by itself or it can also come included with Microsoft Office.

Does Windows 7 Home Premium contain Outlook or Outlook Express?

No, Outlook or Outlook Express has been replaced with Windows Live Mail.

Where can one download Outlook Express?

Outlook Express can be downloaded mainly from the Microsoft website. Other websites that have an Outlook Express download include Tucow and Softpedia.

How do you repair outlook express error 0x800C013A?

outlook express error 0x800C013A To fix such error, you can use an Outlook Express recovery program (avalable in the resouce below)

Is Outlook Express compatible with Vista?

Outlook express was renamed. And now its name in Vista is WinMail.

What is the purpose of the software Outlook Express?

Outlook Express is an email and newsgroup reader made by Microsoft.

How does one set up an Outlook Express email account?

Outlook Express is a very popular email program. One can download the Outlook Express software on the Microsoft website and obtain an outlook email address for free by signing up at hotmail or outlook.

What is Different between outlook express and outlook?

Outlook Express comes pre-installed on most Windows XP computers. Outlook comes as part of the Microsoft Office family.

What is difference between Outlook express Microsoft Outlook express?

Nothing. They are both the Same. unless you mean Microsoft Outlook, Outlook is bundled in the office system. outlook express comes free with Windows until Vista where it has now been renamed to Windows Mail.

Does Windows 7 include Internet Explorer and Outlook Express?

No. Outlook Express is not included with Windows 7.

In order to send and receive email using the programs MS Outlook and Outlook Express you need to know the following information?

Only webmail accounts can be configured in Outlook Express. You can configure any number of accounts in outlook express. The advantage in configuring outlook express is that you can browse them offline and keep it safe in your hard disk.

What is the extension of Outlook Express?

The file extension of Outlook Expres is .dbx Answers .dbx is the extension for the outlook for the express , it stands for the data base extension .

What is the extension of outlook express file?

Microsoft Outlook Express stores email messages using files with the extension *.PBX. Stored emails are organized into subfolders inside the Outlook Express folder.

How to connect outlook express with G-mail account free?

You can easily connect Outlook Express with Gmail. The credentials of Gmail must be added to Outlook express. It automatically synchronizes the mails with it.

Diffrent between Outlook express and Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook express is inbuilt software of microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows Xp & microsoft outlook u have to install throw ms office pack outlook express is non mapi client u cant connect outlook express directly to exchange server Microsoft outlook is mapi client u can directly connect to exchange server

What is the difference between Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook?

They are two entirely different programs. Only their names are similar.Outlook Express is an email/USENET client that comes packaged with Internet Explorer.Outlook is an email client with calendar and tasks/notes capabilities. It comes packaged with MS Office.AnswersBoth outlook and outlook express are completely different from each other Outlook is basically for the profession purpose , and has .pst file formatBut the outless is basically for the home purpose , files format is .dbx Outlook Express is the free version of MS Outlook. Outlook Express probably came on your computer. Microsoft Outlook comes with MS Office.Outlook Express supports SMTP, POP3, & IMAP and permit you to get your emails, news, and address book.Microsoft Outlook does everything the Outlook Express version does and more. The major difference is MS Outlook supports integration with Microsoft Exchange Server and you have complete integration between your emails, calendars, & other Outlook Items.outlook express is free version of ms outlook with less features

What is difference between outlook and outlook express?

Microsoft Outlook is a very robust and feature filled email client software package. Outlook Express has some of the same features but is not as robust.

What is outlook express 7 known as?

Another security disaster in the Microsoft product range Outlook express series.

You cannot email with outlook express?

if you do not have outlook express you cannot email. But you can sign up for google or yahoo's email.

What are common advantages of using outlook express mail?

There are several common advantages of using Outlook Express email. One advantage is that Outlook Express is able to generate email in several different formats. Another advantage is that Outlook Express has several security features that protect against viruses.

How do you change your password in outlook express?

It is quite easy to change password of outlook express follow the steps written below to change password. 1. Start Outlook Express: You can probably find Outlook Express this way: - Click the Windows Start button at the bottom left of your screen - Click Programs - Click Outlook Express. However, your computer may be configured differently. 2. On the main Outlook Express menu: - Click the Tools menu - Click the Accounts menu option

Which protocol works in outlook and outlook express?

imap and pop3 protocols

What is the difference between outlook and outlook express pdf?

ms ecsess