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In Texas can you shoot someone for stepping on your property?


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Yes, an 1868 Cattle Ranchers Law in Texas which still is in effect to date states you can shoot anyone that trespasses onto your property can be shot because they deem harm to you and your livelihood.

This law has been challenged for over 100 years, but Texas makes the defense that a person who trespasses onto your property likely does not have a legal right to be there and also does not intend not to harm you or deprive you of your property and or life.

The controversy is, that there have been 2 major shootings one in Houston Texas in 1990's where an Asian Trick or Treater walked up to a house and rang the doorbell and was shot and killed by the homeowner.

After court review, the trick or treater failed to read the multiple "Do Not Trespass" warning signs, and ruled that ignorance of the law is not an excuse even in light of the rather young age of the trespasser.

More recently, a homeowner in Texas shot and killed 3 burglars WHILE ON THE PHONE with 911 Dispatchers when seeing them run away with $1000s of his neighbors property. The 911 Dispatcher warned the homeowner not to run out and engage the subjects, but the homeowner KNEW THE LAW, and proceeded to shoot and kill all three subjects and save his neighbors property.

The Texas Supreme Court in that case later ruled the homeowner did not act criminally and that basciallly the burglars took their own lives in their hands when burglarizing the home, etc. No charges were filed.

It is important to note that Texas also has a Concealed Weapons permit law for its citizens who have never been convicted of any criminal offense and also who pass psychological examinations and take a lengthy gun law and safety course.

It is also important to note that Texas enjoys one of the LOWEST violent Crime Rates even in it's major metropolitan areas and almost a non-existent petty crime rate vs other states in the Nation.


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You can only legally shoot someone in Texas if they are on your property and doing something that breaks the law.

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Yes, you have the right to use lethal force to protect your property at night in Texas.

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You are in charge if it's ur own property u can shoot or satb someone for stepping on your doorstep or porch or breaking in your house it's ur stuff and propert chances are 2000 $ Fine "Lil FluRt"

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Technically, no, you cannot shoot someone for trespassing. You can shoot them if they break and enter your house. You can shoot them to prevent them from committing a felony. But not for trespass.

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