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It is perfectly normal if it is blue. It is telling you that the car has not completely warmed up yet. You can drive it, but shouldn't "push" it. Drive at lower speeds for just a few minutes until the car has heated up and the light will go out. This information came from my owner's manual which also says to drive it and not let it "warm up" as most people do, just to go at a slower speed until it is warmed.

IF the light is blue , the coolant level is a little low. Add water to the tank. Stop adding when the water level is a little above max level. This is what I had to do to mine. The light should go off.

I have a 1.8L Turbo. The blue light means that the car isn't completely warmed up yet. I was told to not drive it hard until that light went away. One day it was red... that is an issue. You need more coolant or there is a bigger issu.

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Q: In a 02 VW Beetle GLs the Water Temp light comes on when car starts and goes off after 10-20 min of driving is something wrong with coolant system?
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