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First, check the lug nuts. If that's not it, check the wheel bearings.

2006-08-29 15:20:54
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When you break your car makes a knocking noise?

warped rotors , brake

Why does my crown vic don't want to go when i accelerate?

because your pressing on the break

Where is the fusebox on a 1976 Pontiac Trans Am?

it is behind the parking break.

What is another meaning for knocking?

In many card and token games a player is required to knock the table when he's down to one token/card The player so doing is said to be 'knocking' A gasoline motor is said to be 'knocking' when the air/gas mix is too lean Knocking can also be criticising, using a knocker of a door, declaring an auction over Knocking off: finishing work for a break, or the day: making a hasty job of: robbing Knocking up: waking: making pregnant: making hasty job of Knocking over: robbing Knocking down: to assault and to beat to the ground

Pontiac grand prix gt the break petal vibrates when you break are your rotors warped?

yes they are out of round not true anymore

Is Angry Birds knock on wood good?

Its better to break the wood instead but knocking on it does give you a few points usually

Where are the 1993 Pontiac lemans 1.6 timing marks?

why did my timing belt break on my pontiac 1.6 1993 motor also will the valves be bent because of that

How much energy is required to break a wall?

It depends on the mass of the wall, and how fast you can accelerate the object you are using to break the wall. this is because Net Force (what you would need to break the wall) = mass times acceleration

How do you fix a stuck parking break on a Pontiac Montana?

un jam the dame thing

Why would a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am vibrate vigorously in drive when the brake is applied?

warped break disk

Why did your harmonic balancer break on your Pontiac?

Factory defect? Something rock etc. thrown up under vehicle?

How do you tighten a e-break on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

unfortunately you don' have to purchase a new cable as these have no adjuster

What is the best way to drive around a curve?

Close to the inside. As you head into the corner, break slightly (depending on your speed) and then at the middle of the curve, accelerate out of the curve.

What can break on a car if you try to accelerate as fast as possible from 0 to 100 mph with very high RPM?

Pretty much anything that is rotating has a chance.

What parts are needed to replace the rear drum brakes on a 1997 Pontiac sunfire?

The only part that is needed to replace your 1997 Pontiac rear brakes is a break assembly kit. The brake assembly kit will have everything you need.

What is a break in a relationship?

A break in a relationship is when both parties take a physical, mental and emotional time out from eachother. be sure to discuss what a break means to both of you to be exactly sure what to expect. potentially a break also means u will eventually get back together

Why won't my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am run after changing the serpentine belt and tension pulley?

What did unhook or break while you were under the hood ?

Why does your 1992 Pontiac grand prize lose power when you hit the break?

Sounds like the power brake booster has a vacuum leak.

When stepping on gas pedal why does engine rev up before actually starting to accelerate on manual transmission regardless of the gear?

Because you have the hand break on Clutch slipping

What bell housing do you need to mount Pontiac V6 5speed to a 350 Chevy engine?

before attempting this you should consider the fact that Pontiac v6 transmission will most likely break under load when you put the power of a 350 v8 to it.

Where is the flasher on a 95 Pontiac firebird?

Under the dash above the break pedal. Look above your horn relay and it is a round relay, that is your flasher.

Should the orange buttom on the parking brake be up or down on a Pontiac Fiero?

It should be up so you can push it down to release the break.

Knocking sound floorboard driver's side frontend 1995 Cougar AFTER the vehicle has warmed up. You hear the sound only when you apply the brakes.?

Check for a worn or warped break rotor on the front driver side. You may need to replace the break pads and rotor.

Is a heavy or light break stick better in pool?

Light. There are 2 important things in a break - Accuracy and Acceleration. Accuracy is acomplished by practice. Acceleration is accomplished by having very quick and strong muscles, and body use, and a light stick. The heavier the stick the more difficult to accelerate that weight. It is simply impossible to accelerate a heavy weight as quickly as a lighter weight, which is shown by basic physics and Newton's second law.

What if your 1993 Chevy LTZ will start but will move Theres a loud knocking sound coming from the engine What could this be also the knocking sound will happen when when letting off the accelerator?

Sorry bud but that means that you have what's called a " Rod knock", one or more of the main and or the rod bearings have gone away, need to break that engine down to fix it. jr