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OD stands for Over Drive. There is a button the left side of the A/T shifter, pressit to get the over drive in. If over drive is off, the car will consume more gas staying in 3rd gear all the time.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-07 22:47:54
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Q: In a Hyundai accent 98 what is the meaning of the light od off on the dashboard?
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Hyundai Accent check engine light?

it has a problem

Where is the accent dome light fuse?

it could be inside or by the dashboard

Hyundai accent radio?

how do you replace the radio light bulb

How do you change the tail light on Hyundai accent?

with a screw driver

What is the orange light on dashboard of Hyundai accent?

If it looks like there's an exclamation point in the middle and 2 quotes and looks like zigzag lines under... the tire pressure is low.

Hyundai Accent 2000 fuel light?

I have a 1999 model Hyundai Accent XS. I would like to know if it has a fuel light as mine does not seem to have one. Please help me with this matter so that i can get it fixed!

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I have a 2002 Hyundai accent and my headlight are out but all other light are on, also light is glovebox is out. Is there a fuse for this?

Is there a fuse that can cause the tail light not to work on a Hyundai accent 1997?


Fuse for brake lights on Hyundai Accent?

The fuse for the brake light on a Hyundai Accent are found in the engine compartment. The fuse is number four in the fuse box, and is rated on 10 amps.

What could be causing enging warning light Hyundai Accent smells of petrol?

If you're getting an engine warning light on your Hyundai Accent, oil could be leaking into the exhaust valve. The could also be a problem with the catalytic converter.

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how do i change a parking light bulb on a 2003 hyunadi accent

Why is your check engine light on in your 2002 Hyundai?

If the check engine light it on a 2002 Hyundai Accent on one of the sensors is malfunctioning. The computer is acknowledging this and alerting the driver that there is a problem in the engine.

How do you replace the middle brake light on a 2 door Hyundai Accent hatchback?

We can replace it easily

What does it mean when your battery light and brake light comes on the dash in 2001 Accent?

There appears to be a problem with 2001 Hyundai Accent electrical system. IE: When I turn on my ignition, the radio comes on. Have checked.

How do you disable the CHECK light on a 2001 Hyundai Accent?

You should pull the codes and then clear them with a scan tool.

What do you do when the engine light is on in my 2000 Hyundai Accent?

How about checking engine control module? Would that tell anything?

How do you reset check engine light on a 2003 Hyundai accent?

disconnect the battery for about 30 sec then reconnect it

What is causing your brake lights not to work on a 2006 Hyundai Accent if it is not the bulbs or fuse?

Brake light switch, goto your Hyundai dealership, buy the part for $15 and install it

How do you fix the spoiler LED brake light on a 2000 Hyundai Accent 1.3 3dr Automatic?

Call Ken at Sandon Breakers. He can crush your nasty little Hyundai for you. That should sort your brake light issues

How do you turn off your backup light switch on a 2001 Hyundai accent?

Why you would want to does this is a mystery. If you insist, remove the bulbs.

How do you turn off the trunk light in a 2004 Hyundai Accent?

c lose the trunk replace the latch I did and solved my problem

What do the idiot lights look like on a 2004 Hyundai accent?

because you are one alot of ol timers call the check engine light and idiot light

What does a faucet like means in the dashboard?

Coolant light, meaning low coolant, or overheating.

What are the Pontiac dashboard warning light symbol meanings?

There are a few different lights on the dashboard on a Pontiac. The meaning of the light are check engine, battery low, put on seat belt and door ajar.