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the circuit is broken through the turn signal switch, allowing the light to flash

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Q: In a car with brake and directional on the same filament how does the brake switch allow the signaling light to flash rather than stay on all the time?
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What is the full form of BUS?

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What is the color of the filament if we turn the switch?

It usually becomes white hot.

Where is brake light switch on 1999 sterling a9513 truck?

behind the drivers seat in an air manifold under a plastic cover... but more often than not your problem is in the directional switch as it also controls the brakes and the directionals on single wired units... replace the directional switch

Which frame relay feature is responsible for signaling standard between a router and fr switch?


Where is the directional flasher on a 2001 Passat and how do you replace it?

The flasher circuit is in the hazard switch in the dash.

Where is the high beam switch located on a 1994 GMC Sierra 2500?

Drop the column down, & the rod that goes from the directional, has a push button switch on it. Click your directional on & off for your hi-beam lights & you'll see which one is working on the rod. It will go in & out, It's near the ignition switch.

Why do brake and directional lamps work but tail lamps dont on 1996 Olsmobile?

Check to see if the parking/dash lights work - if not check the fuses Could be burned out bulbs - they are double filamented with the larger filament being used for tail lights Could be a bad headlight switch

What happens to the bulb when the switch is closed?

If the switch is in the same series circuit as the bulb and the filament of the bulb is not broken then the bulb should light.

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Where is the signal switch on a 1994 Toyota truck?

The signal switch is placed right below the steering wheel of the car. It has an adjustable knob that is commonly used for signaling.

When a flashlight is switch on what happens to the bulb?

When the switch is turned it completes an electrical circuit. The circuit amperage flows through a high resistance filament in the bulb and it starts to glow. The bright glow from the filament and the reflector behind the bulb is what creates the flashlights beam.

Why does a bulb light up when you close its switch?

The switch closes the circuit so a voltage is applied across the filament of a bulb causing current to flow heating the filament and causing it to glow.

Where is the flasher located on a 2001 Saturn?

The turn signal flasher is incorperated with the Hazard lamp switch. The switch must be changed,then the directional lamps will work correctly.

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Why do light filament bulbs usually blow when they are first switched on?

because when they are first switched on a large surge of electrical current flow through a cold filament. When you first switch on the bulb the resistance is small, so you get a current surge which breaks the weakened filament. The filament is weakened by repeated heating and cooling from the bulb being turned on and off; which makes it brittle.

What is wrong if the brake lights in a 1999 Cavalier Z24 do not work but the tail lights directional hazard and center brake lights all do and the tail lamps have been replaced?

The problem points to the directional/lights and hazard switch. The brake light wiring is part of that circuit.You can buy the switch after market it is about $70.00.

Where is Honda cr v dimmer switch?

It is built into the directional signal stalk. Pull it towards you with your fingers and it will 'click' the switch that controls the cycling between the high and low beams.

Why does an incandescent bulb go bad when the switch is turned on rather than after its been on for awhile?

It doesn't always ... sometimes bulbs do burn out after being on for a while ... but the sudden surge of voltage when current is suddenly applied is a very common time for the filament to break.

If a light bulb is burned out and the switch is on are you still using electricity?

A standard filament bulb works on the principle that it gets hot and glows when a current is passed through it. If the filament has burned out (blown) it is open circuit and no current can flow. Therefore you are not using any electricity even if the switch is still on It may still use power if it is a lighted switch. Find a licensed electrician at

How do you switch to red suit to black suit in spider-man 3 game?

to switch between red spiderman and black spiderman you have to press one of the side directional buttons

Where is the directional switch on a 1999 Sterling L7501?

You're talking about the multifunction switch to control the turn indicators? It's all built into a single unit, on the LH side of the steering column.

How does a lightbulb light up?

there is something inside it called a filament when a switch activates it is heats up causeing it to light up

Directional signal does turn off not for right turn 0n 2003 Dodge Caravan what can be wrong?

The turn signal cam is broken on the switch side. You need to replace the turn signal switch assembly.

What to check when taillights wont work in 1987 Toyota pick up?

Check bulbs larger filament on dual filament bulb Do parking and dash lights work? May be same circuit - check fuses Maybe switch is defective

Why is your blinker on but the switch is off?

Could be a shorted bulb they are double filamented and if one filament is touching the other it could be backfeeding FRemove bulbs one at a tinme to see if this is the problem Could be a bad switch