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Remove the two screws that hold the MAF on the intake near the air filter, go to an auto parts store or electronic supply place and get a can of spray electronic cleaner, spray the inside of the air flow sensor, you need to get it into the small opening where the platinum sensor wires are, they get coated with dust and other gunk and confuse the computer because it gets the wrong signals,clean the wires until the look shiny, reinstall it


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Q: In cold weather why does your 1997 corolla dx take a while for the transmission to shift up even after car has been warmed up?
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Why doesn't my 1988 Honda transmission shift when hot is it the solenoid?

Transmission is not shifting when car is warmed up.

Where is the failed shift solenoid located in Toyota 2006 Corolla?

There are 3 shift solenoids one on the outside of the transmission in the front, and two on the inside of the transmission

Transmission will not engage forward or reverse until car has warmed up for about 15 minutes?

The transmission may not shift or engage in forward or reverse until the car warmed up for a few reasons. Two examples of why the transmission will not engage is low or no fluid levels or a leak.

What are the possible problems when a 1996 Toyota Corolla won't shift out of first gear?

The main problem with any vehicle that will not shift out of gear deals with the transmission. This is a problem where the transmission may need to be replaced to fix it.

What would cause a 1994 Mercury Sable with automatic transmission to need to be warmed up a lot before it will shift into higher gears?

Low transmission fluid, transmission on it's way out.

Toyota Corolla transmission will not shiftwhle speedometer not working?

You need to replace the speed sensor. It sends a signal to the speedometer and also sends a signal to the transmission on when it should shift.

Toyota Avalon automatic will not shift to third gear when cold?

Are you sure that it's third it's not shifting into, and not fourth? The transmission is designed to not permit shifts into fourth (overdrive) until the engine and transmission have warmed up a bit.

What fuse makes the transmission shift?

there is no fuse that makes the transmission shift the transmission shifts on cylinoids and rpms

How do you replace automatic gear-shift cable 2000 corolla?

I need to repair the gear shift cable in side a 2000 toyota corolla. How do you get in side the gear shift box to repair the cable end?

How do you change the shift knob on a Toyota Corolla?

unscrew the knob

You changed transmission fuild and now it down shift why?

transmission down shift after fuild change

What causes a 2003 Corolla to vibrate when stopped at a red light If I shift into neutral it stops vibrating. It's an automatic transmission.?

Could be as simple as being in need of a tune up.

How do you replace a gear shift lamp on 2006 Toyota Corolla?

The gear shift lamp on a 2006 Toyota Corolla can be replaced by taking apart the gear shift plate and replacing the bulb. This can be a very complicated procedure. The top of the gear shift plate is held on by clips at the front and back.

Where is the shift solenoid in a lumina trans?

The Chevrolet Lumina shift solenoid can be found on the top of the transmission. The shift solenoid will be near the front of the transmission.

Why does my corolla not go into fourth gear?

the transmission is controlled by engine coolant temp.. if eng. temp. isn't getting hot enough or if the temp. sensor isn't sending the info. then the transmission won't shift into high (overdrive) gear. hopes this helps

What is wrong when your transmission dont shift out?

your transmission could be shot. if it will not shift at all, then you will need a new one.

Why is it hard to shift in reverse and shift gears on a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

Odds are the clutch is in need of a adjustment or replacement.

What does a transmission in a car do?

The transmission allows you to shift gears.

Where is the transmission shift solenoid in a 2003 Grand Cherokee Overland with 4.7 HO?

The transmission shift solenoids are inside the transmission on the valve body.

How do you shift a 5 speed mack transmission?

shift it foward

On a ford escort zx2. What would cause transmission not to shift into overdrive?

what would transmission not to shift in to overdrive

Where is the transmission shift solenoid in a 1996 4runner?

On a 1996 4runner the transmission shift solenoid is under the pan in the valve body. There are two shift solenoids on the 4runner.

What causes the automatic transmission to shift hard from first to second gear on a 1999 Nissan Frontier?

A bad transmission gear can cause your 1999 Nissan frontier to shift hard. Low transmission fluid can also cause the transmission to shift hard.

What will cause Allison transmission to not shift?

Allison transmission not shifting

What is wrong with 94 Toyota Corolla Geo Prism intermittently automatic transmission will not shift out of first gear while speedometer moving up and down or not work at all usually when first started?

It sounds like your speed sensor is going bad. It sends a signal to the speedometer to display the correct speed and sends a signal to the transmission on when it should shift.