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No, you cannot target a specific spot to lose, or not lose weight. When you lose weight, you lose it over the whole body.

But why don't you try some cardio exercises to lose your unwanted fat and you can have a healthy heart too!

Situps are used to build ab muscles rather than burning belly fat.

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Is it easier to lose weight if you're fatter or thinner?


Should you still walk if you don't want to lose weight?

Yes you should. Why? Because if you just lounge around all day and all night, you'll just get fatter and fatter. So even if you DON'T want to lose weight, still walk my friends.

I am the same weight as my friend but I look fatter. Why is that?

err. if she's taller than you, then you'll obviously look fatter. think about it.

What can you do to lose ab weight?

situps healthy diets walk run AB MASTER

Will bread make your butt fatter?

Yes, overeating any food will make you fat. Weight gain cannot be targeted to specific areas. As you gain weight, this will include getting a fatter butt.

How much do Arabian horses weigh?

Anywhere from I'd say 875-1150...for a fatter one but the usual weight would be around 900-1000

Are situps good way for weight loss?

Anything that gets your heart going can help with weight loss, but only if you're simultaneously monitoring your diet. If you're overeating it really doesn't matter what you do for exercise, you still won't lose any weight. Situps can help tighten your abdominals, which can improve your shape even if it doesn't lose you much weight.

Does your weight increase or decrease on the moon?

Your weight would decrease if you landed on the moon, because the moon's gravitational force is about a sixth of Earth's. That means that your weight would decrease greatly.

Should you use less weight or more weight with dumbbell to lose arm fat?

you arms will get fatter if you use a dumbell.

If you are 11 and weigh 93 lbs and your height is 4ft 10 34 and want to lose weight what should you do?

All you need to do is do situps and run around your block or house everyday and eat heathly.

What does gain weight mean?

Means growing heavier, usually through becoming fatter,

How do you get 6 packs in the house?

I do 50 sit ups with 20 pound weights. Hold the weight to your chest and do situps.

How do you tone your stomach after losing weight?

By exercising your stomach muscles such as in situps or weightlifting (from the floor so you bend over).

What is actor Aamir Khan's height?

He was around 5.7 when he was young. But you know when you get old your height decrease and weight increase so now he is 5 feet and 5 inches.He was around 5.7ft when he was young. But you know when you get old your height decrease and weight increase so ya now he is 5 feet and 5 inches.

Does a person weight increase or decrease if they were to weight themselves on the moon?

It decreases

What is a sentence for decrease?

You can decrease your weight by eating right and exercising. my prediction is that the weather will decrease by the minute. if you do not study for the upcoming math test your grades will decrease.

How much weight can you lose by drinking a 3rd of pineapple juice and water?

u will get fatter by the pineapple juice

Is coitus can cause increase of weight?

no because it is healthy and might decrease weight

Does an open parachute decrease the weight of a diver?

No, it will actually add to the total weight.

When an astronaut goes to the moon which will decrease his mass or his weight?

The astronaut from the country that has a space program that wants to send a person to the moon's weight will decrease due to the fact that weight is directly related to gravity.

How muck weight can you lose in 1 day when you do situps?

One day only you're not going to lose any important amount no matter what you do.

How much weight can you lose if you do 200 situps a day?

Maybe about .5 or 1 pound a week. Believe me there are easier, more effective ways.

Is it weird to like fatter guys?

Not at all, lot's of people have a certain typem it may be height, or weight or age

How can you get a six pack of abs quickly?

Lose weight, exercise daily. Lots of aerobic mixed with weight training. Situps, crunches, and squats. For a detailed plan look at the related link below.

What happens to your weight as you get farther from the center of earth?

As you get farther from the center of Earth, your weight willDECREASE