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In general, engine "shaking" is caused by a misfire in one or more cylinders. That can be caused when a multiport injector is plugged or faulty, a plug wire or sparkplug is faulty or one or more cylinders have low compression. Try to isolate the cylinder that's not firing. Plastic pliers are available for pulling plug wires. Pull one plug wire at a time and see which one DOESN'T make a difference. When you pull the plug wire from a cylinder that's running, that cylinder will stop firing and the engine will run worse. If you come across a cylinder that was already misfiring, the engine won't run any worse by disconnecting the plug. Once you've isolated the cylinder, check the plug. If it's fouled or wet, it's possibly an ignition problem, check the wire(s) and possibly replace the plugs. On the other hand, while you have the plug out, check the compression on that cylinder, it should be above 100 PSI, or at least very near to it. If the plugs are good, and the compression is up, start being suspicious of the injector.

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Will ka24de radiator fit on ka24e?

Does a sohc ka24de radiator fit onto a standard ka24de

How much hp does a ka24de have?

The 240sx KA24DE has 155 crank horse power rated by the factory

What is the engine for a 95 Nissan 240sx?

a 95 240sx engine is a 2.4 litre KA24DE inline four cylinder. it's a 16 valve DOHC.

What can cause smoke from a cylinder KA24DE motor..Cylinder 2?

If the smoke is white, then there is coolant getting into the cylinder. Blue smoke is from burning oil, and black smoke is from an improper fuel air mix (stopped up air filter or choke stuck stuck.)

How much does a stock Nissan KA24DE engine weigh?

The ka24de engine weighs a total of 371.00 lbs with fluids

Will a 1995 ka24de would fit a 1992 Nissan 240sx?

Yes, some '92 240sx' came with the ka24de motor.

Is it ok to have an exposed flywheel on a ka24de?


Can you swap a 95 240sx ka24de into a 93 240sx that had a ka24de?

of course you can. you can swap almost anything in the S-chassis. KA24E, KA24DE, SR20DET, RB20DET, RB25DET, RB26DET, LS1, 2JZ, 1JZ, the possibilities are endless. -ralphy BEATDOWN

Where is the timing marks for a ka24de? great source for everything 240sx sixfootjesus

How do you know what engine is in your 93 240 sx?


Where is the Cam Angle Sensor on a 91 ka24de?

In the distributor.

Where can you get an affordable engine for a 93 240sx?

Craigslist, search for "ka24de"

How many miles can a 1998 NISSAN 240SX engine have on it?

if it has the ka24de motor in it my 93 240 has the ka24de and it has over 300,000 miles on it and it has no problems at all, so it can have alot on it if it is kept in good shape

Will a 1992 ka24de 240sx engine fit in a 1989 240sx?


Will a motor from a 1998 Nissan 240sx fit a 1995 Nissan 240sx?

Yes. The ka24de motor is used from 95 through 98.not just used from 95 to 98 because i have a 1990 240sx with a ka24de in it

How much horse power does a KA24DE produce?

Stock and straight from the factory, about 155hp.

What is need to turbo charge a ka24de on a 98 and what are the steps to doing it?

Go to

How much horsepower does a 89 Nissan 240sx have?

It depends on if it is the KA24e or the KA24DE. I know that the KA24DE has 155hp stock. However the KA24e has less. I think about 140. The difference between the two is the DE has 2 cams and the e only has 1.

What is the stock Horsepower of an 89 Nissan 240 with a Ka24e?

140hp the ka24de has 155hp stock

Is ka24de turbo legal in California?

No modifications to the emissions of the car are legal, especially in California.

How much transmission fluid goes into a ka24de manual transmission?

~4.5 quarts in mine

Will a 93'Nissan ka24de oil pan work with a 89'ka24e?

I wouldn't know eactly, but here something may be it'd be helpful. 1. Find out if KA24DE and KA24E have the same engine block. if it is, then it should fit. 2. KA24DE and KA24E Trans Auto/5-Speed Fits Perfect. 3. You can easily find out just by looking at the oilpan gasket. Check out oil pan gasket for a KA24DE and KA24E and see if they match size and shape. Bolt size are usually/most likely to be same, since it IS KA series engine.. Hope that helps... goodluck.

What motor does a 1992 240sx have in it?

2.4 liter Duel over head cam (DOHC) ka24de

Will a 1993 Nissan 240sx engine block bolt up correctly with a 1992 Nissan 240sx?

If you're talking about the KA24DE engine block, then it will fit with no problems since your 92 already came with a KA24DE in it. It should work fine. It's the same engine in both years.

Did rb25det engines come with egr systems?

I don't think so. I think they got rid of that system after the ka24de.