In superstition over which shoulder should one throw salt?

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Right is wrong. Here is the answer: Superstitions about salt date back to Biblical times when salt was a highly prized commodity. It was expensive, crucial in preserving food, and was often used in lieu of currency. So spilling salt was considered an almost sacrilegious offence, and left one perilously exposed to the devil's machinations.
Throwing salt over your shoulder is akin to blessing someone after they've sneezed -- it's a way of keeping the devil at bay while you're in an especially vulnerable moment. Depending on your interpretation, the salt is either intended to blind the devil so he can't witness your error, or keep him from sneaking up on you while you're cleaning up your mess.

It's important to note that the superstition calls for the offender to throw salt over the left shoulder. Many ancient traditions place the devil to the left of the straight and narrow path. The classic image of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other often shows the sinister imp sitting on the left side.

And if you want to really follow the letter of the law, you're encouraged to throw the salt with your "good," or right hand. Throughout history, the association of right with good and left with bad caused a number of perfectly respectable left-handed people to be burned at the stake. Not good.
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What is the origin of spilling salt superstition?

Lots of superstitious people, when they spill salt, will take apinch of it in their right hand and throw it backwards over theirleft shoulder. Superstition has it that, at all times, a devil waits over yourleft shoulder, and also that spilling salt is bad luck (perhapsbecause it used to be rare and ( Full Answer )

Which shoulder do you throw the salt over?

It is believed the "devil" stands over the left shoulder of a person. As salt was once considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, spilling it is thought of as wasteful and a means to tempt the "devil" into taking it from you. Throwing salt over your left shoulder is supposed to "blind the devil" ( Full Answer )

Salt over the shoulder?

The superstition of Throwing salt over your left shoulder after spilling some applies to, apparently a devil is sitting on your left shoulder, and the force of the tiny salt particles knocks him off and he lands in a little heap on the floor. Then you should stamp on him. Do not throw it over you ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of throwing salt over your shoulder?

The superstition of throwing salt over your (left) shoulder came about because people once believed the Devil stood behind your left shoulder waiting for you to make a mistake or to influence you into making a mistake. Spilling salt, which was once used as part of a Roman soldier's salary and henc ( Full Answer )

Why do sumo throw salt in the ring?

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Should you throw salt over your right sholder if you spill it?

The superstition about spilled salt comes from the belief the devil stands behind your left shoulder, whispering "bad" ideas & suggestions to you. If salt has been spilled it is believed to be unlucky, unless you throw a pinch of it over your LEFT shoulder, supposedly into the devil's eyes, thus dis ( Full Answer )

What are superstitions about spilt salt?

Salt was valuable in ancient societies. It had a lot of symbolism and superstition attached to it. Salt was used as a preservative and came to symbolize life. It became a sign of hospitality, trust, and friendship because of its high price. Soldiers in Rome were often paid in salt, and that is where ( Full Answer )

How should Christians react to superstitions?

Using the term "Christian" and "should" together in the same sentence takes a very good mediator or a very patient audience. Obviously, the correct answer will come from the canon "Christians" claim to believe... the Bible. The Bible speaks very clearly against fear, magic and sorcery. Superstitions ( Full Answer )

Is it bad luck when you throw salt over your shoulder?

Of course not. It's all superstition. In fact, according to the superstition, throwing salt over your shoulder counteracts other things that bring bad luck supposedly, like breaking a mirror or spilling salt.

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Why do people throw salt over their shoulders when they are cooking?

Salt, which has been spilled (something that happens frequently when people cook) is often thrown over the left shoulder. The belief was that the devil stood over your left (or sinister) shoulder, waiting for or causing your mistakes. The salt was supposed to go into the devil's eyes, blinding him t ( Full Answer )

Why should not believe in superstition?

Superstitions should not be believed simply because they are nottrue at all. Some are totally fake while others are coincidental atbest

Why you should not believed in superstitions?

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Which shoulder do you throw salt it over when you're superstitious?

The left. It is said the devil sits over your left shoulder, spilling salt is supposed to bring bad luck upon yourself, and trowing the salt over your left shoulder therefore "blinding" the devil so he doesn't know who to bring the bad luck on.

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What happens if you throw salt over your right shoulder?

You then have salt on the floor. The myth is that if you spill salt, you have to throw some over your left shoulder or you will have bad luck. Although it is just a myth, many people who don't consider themselves superstitious do it anyway, "just in case".

Salt over the shoulder why is it lucky?

It's not so much lucky as apotropaic. The act of throwing salt over the left shoulder is only done if salt has already been spilled. Salt was supposed to ward off the devil so spilling the salt encouraged his presence. To counteract this one throws salt over their left shoulder, because the left is ( Full Answer )

Who was the first one to come up with superstitions?

Who knows. It was most certainly an early human as superstitions have been with us a long time. Superstitions can definitely be traced clear back to the Middle ages and very easily beyond as well back to at least the time of the Egyptians. Artifacts, art, and writings give us clues as to what ancien ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of salt over shoulder superstition?

It is believed the "devil" stands over the left shoulder of a person. As salt was once considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, spilling it is thought of as wasteful and a means to tempt the "devil" into taking it from you. Throwing salt over your left shoulder is supposed to "blind the devil" ( Full Answer )

If a person throws salt in your workplace?

Be calm , it is not a problem, don't believe in superstitions. Just clean it up, or have someone else clean it up, so it will notattract vermin and will not cause people to slip and fall.

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When spilling salt what shoulder do you throw salt over?

It is believed the devil stands over your left shoulder and spilling salt is supposed to bring his attention to your "wastefulness" bringing bad luck. If this happens, you are instructed to throw the salt over your LEFT shoulder and "hopefully" into the devil's eyes, thus blinding him to your mis ( Full Answer )

Why you should discontinue practicing superstitous beliefs?

Well most superstitious beliefs are nothing and can have nothing to gain from but some use it as a way to escape or hide from the reality of the matter such as, most believe in Heaven as a way to show that dying isn't going to be so awful. It's a way to explain the unexplainable. The ground is wet i ( Full Answer )

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What does it mean to throw salt over your shoulder?

Salt used to be quite expensive. At one time it was actually used for money. The Latin word for salt is "sal" - and that's where we get the word "salary." Also, there is the expression about someone being "worth his salt." If you accidentally spilled some salt, it was considered bad luck because ( Full Answer )

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Why should we not believe in superstitions?

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