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The remaining spouse or executor of the deceased's will.

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Q: In the death of a spouse who is resonsible for unpaid medical bills after the insurance has been paid?
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What is meant by AR-Caller in medical billing?

In medical billing, AR stands for Accounts Receivable. Accounts receivable are the claims that are unpaid by insurance companies or patients. An A/R caller is a person who calls insurance companies about unpaid claims and tries to resolve the reason the claim is unpaid.

Can a divorced spouse legally collect unpaid medical expenses after 1 year?

Your question is too vague to answer.

Is a spouse responsible for her deceased husband's medical bills in Fl?

My husband just died about 6 months ago and no, i am not responsible for his medical bills....I have spoken with my Lawyer and he informed me in fl i do not have to cover ANY unpaid debt of a spouse

Can you lose your house to settle unpaid medical bills?

Yes. That's why Insurance is a good idea. Even if you get Medicaid, at death they can get your house.

Can your spouse sue an ex for half of the unpaid medical bills?

It would depend on what is listed in the divorce decree. If the medical bills were for a child, more than likely both parents are responsible for 50% of the medical bill. If the medical bill was incurred by one spouse, the court may not recognize that as community property and make it responsibility of the debt-incurring party.

What is the difference between health and supplemental insurance?

Health Insurance pays benefits to the doctors and hospitals that provide medical assistance when your are sick or hurt.Supplemental Insurance pays benefits directly to you. Use the money to cover unpaid medical bills, travel expenses, and to replace lost income.

If one spouse has an unpaid tax lien on their credit can the home loan be put in the name of the other spouse with no problems?


Can you get arrested for unpaid medical bills?


Can an unpaid balance on auto insurance effect your credit?

Unpaid balances owed to insurance companies will be sent to collection agencies and will count against your credit.

Can unpaid medical bills be reported on credit reports?

Yes, unpaid medical bills will be reported to credit bureaus not to mention the collection agency that the medical facility will pursue.

Can one go to jail for unpaid medical bills?

No. There are many adverse consequences of unpaid medical bills, including lawsuits and wage garnishment, only noncustodial parents paying child support can be jailed for unpaid medical bills in America.

Is your husband legally responsible for your unpaid medical bills if he is the primary insured?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the primary insurance holder. The admission papers are also likely to have specified this.

Can you 401K be taken for unpaid medical bills?


Can you enter Croatia with unpaid medical bills?


What is the importance of follow up in medical practices?

Following up on unpaid insurance claims is one of the most important responsibilities for medical billing companies or the Medical billing specialists at the doctors office. Without timely follow up on unpaid or underpaid claims, the Accounts receivables for the medical practice will quickly get out of control. The most important reason to follow up on unpaid claims is to find out early why the claims have not paid and fix the problem so the cash flow to the practice is not severely affected. Most insurance companies have timely filing limits that must be met or you lose the right to receive payment for that claim.

Who can help with unpaid medical bills?

The local county Human Services office can help individuals and families with unpaid medical bills. They can help by directing people to state and federal programs that are made to help people pay medical bills. There are also charity programs that can help with unpaid medical bills.

How do you know if you have unpaid medical there a website out there that i can go to to find out where the bills that are unpaid are?

i have 2 medical bills on my credit and i need to know what they are and i have the account numbers where do i look/

Can an unpaid medical bill affect your credit?


Can your wages be garnished for unpaid medical bills in Missouri?


In Indiana is the surviving spouse responsible for deceased spouse medical bills The deceased was on her medical plan but signed his own responsibility sheet for each doctor's visit?

Unless the survivors signed some type of contract or agreement to be responsible for the deceased's medical bills, it is the deceased's ESTATE which is liable for the expense. The medical suppliers should first file a claim against the insuror and THEN proceed against the deceased's estate for any unpaid remainder - NOT the survivors.

If a medical bill is unpaid will it affect your personal credit?

An unpaid medical bill is like any other debt. It can be reported to a credit agency like any other debt.

Unpaid medical bill?

More information? Full question?

You received a court summons for unpaid medical bills Is this a garnishment?


Can a hospital take you to court for unpaid medical bills?

Yes they can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can police put a warrant for arres for unpaid medical bills in Texas?

No. Except for fines, taxes or levies, you cannot be arrested for an unpaid bill (medical or otherwise) in Texas unless there is fraud involved.No. Except for fines, taxes or levies, unless there is fraud involved, you cannot be arrested for an unpaid bill (medical or otherwise) in Texas.