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In what country did the US successfully contain communism?

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Q: In what country did the US successfully contain communism?
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What was one of the main concerns of the us in the cold war?

To contain Communism and roll it back. To contain Communism and roll it back.

The US policy of containment aimed to contain what?


What was the US trying to contain during the cold war?


What does it mean to contain communism?

'Containing' Communism was a stupid thing the US thought it had to do. The US didn't like Communism, probably because they didn't undesrtand it at all or were afraid it was better than their economic stance, so they said that they had to contain communism by arresting people who supported communism. yeah, freedom of speech and thought...

What mayjor country was against communism?

The US

Why did the president brought the us into the Korea war?

to try to contain Communism

What policy did the US adopt regarding communism?

The US. adopted a policy of containment towards the spread of Communism. Which in summary means that the US. exercised a policy to stop the Communism movement from spreading into new countries and to contain it where it was at the time.

Did the US successfully protect south Vietnam from communism?

No, Vietnam was ultimately reunited under a communist government.

The US became involved in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts mainly to?

Contain communism.

What was the us government's main reason for fighting the war in Vietnam?

contain communism

How did the us contain communism in north Atlantic treaty organization?

Because they were lazy

The US was successful in containing communism in what country?

South Korea

What country is leading example of communism?

China, Russia, US... (ok, maybe not the US)

Is the US a communist country?

no, we try to stop the spread of communism, we are not communists.

What is was the goal of the Truman Doctrine?

The Truman Doctrine was the US policy of trying to contain the spread of communism

Can the US be a better country if they were communist?

Absolutely not!!! No communist country has ever become better because of communism.

Where did president Kennedy try to contain communism?

President Kennedy had major crises involving Berlin and Cuba. Other than that, he was trying to contain communism everywhere. The earliest US involvement in Vietnam happened in the Kennedy administration.

Why is Czechoslovakia important to the us?

because its an amazing country, this country went through racism and communism so we have to remember this country.

What were the causes for US involvement in Vietnam war?

== == One major cause is the domino theory, which stated that if one country fell to communism, others soon would fall as well (like dominos). And to contain communism like the World War II policy of containment.

What country did the us aid in1950 to stop the spread of communism in Vietnam?


What us plan promised aid country fighting communism?

The truman doctrine

How did the communist takeover of china affect the us?

The U.s was weary of communism in China, a fear rooted from Soviet Communism and as a result the U.s tried harder in fighting the spread of communism in the country.

The reason for us involvement in the Korean War?

The United States wanted to contain communism and stop its spread. They were afraid that the Soviets were trying to 'export' communism all over the globe.

What stated the US would help any country resisting communism?

Eisenhower doctrine

What policy did the US adopt in the late 1940 in order to try and contain Communism to areas that it already existed?