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The introduction of family names depended to some extent on social factors. The 'high and mighty' took on family names much earlier than the rest of the population. People who didn't move around much were also less likely to need family names than those who travelled a lot. In England and Wales there was legislation in the reign of Henry VIII (reigned 1509-1547) requiring all parishes to maintain and preserve registers of baptisms (and dates of birth), marriages and deaths. It seems that it was at this time that ordinary people adopted surnames. In England and Wales the family chose its own name. This was often an occupation (such as Baker, Cooper, Carpenter, Smith) or based on the father's name (Johnson, Williamson, Harrison, Thom(p)son, etc.) or based on placenames. Provided nobody was trying to deceive or pretend to be an aristocrat there was no objection to families choosing their own names. NOTE. Family names that end in -s (instead of -son) are generally Welsh (or of Welsh origin) - for example, Jones (instead of Johnson), Thomas (instead of Thompson), Harris (instead of Harrison).

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Why have surnames?

Surnames link us to our family.

What are medieval surnames?

Surnames are family names so medieval surnames are just last family names that were used in medieval times.

How did family names begin?

The use of surnames became necessary as the population increased. When single names were no longer sufficient to identify an individual properly, people began requiring a family name.

What is the study of surnames called?

The study of surnames is called anthroponomy. The study of family history is "genealogy".

Why does the royal family not have a surname?

Surnames are for commoners

Why identical surnames of Michelangelo and Raphael Buonarroti?

No identical surnames. Raphael's family name was Santi (Sanzio), Michelangelo's was Buonarroti.

If your family has 30 Melungeon surnames and they kinda look it does it mean they were?


Are Cameron Boyce and Debby Ryan family?

no because their surnames are different

Why family names are not in the Bible?

It would be fair to say that most modern surnames are not mentioned in the Bible which didn't use surnames generally until Rome.

Where do the surnames come from?

Many surnames were nicknames, such as "Pliny the Elder" and "Pliny the Younger". Others were based upon a physical feature close to where the person or family lived, such as the surnames Pond, Pool, Rivers, Groves, Hill, and Dale.

Is Phelps Jewish?

His family name is listed in the "Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames"

Who is part of the Russian royal family?

the surnames areMorbyMorbeyDekenDekin

What are some Okinawan surnames?

My family (father's side) is from Okinawa. Our surname is 'Teruya'.

Does your family name mean something in your language?

Generally, yes. Most English surnames are to do with the original family occupation, such as Baker or Smith.

What was John the Baptist's family name?

Last names (surnames) were not used at the time of John the Baptist.

Does the Medici have family living today?

yes they are hidden under different surnames and living in north america

Is there any mention of the Chartrand family at this point Is there an list of early settlers surnames that went with him to Canada?

I am a chartrand!

Is the family name Jewish and germanic?

Jewish surnames may be of almost any origin, including Germanic.

What has the author Robert Fergusin written?

Robert Fergusin has written: 'English surnames and their place in the Teutonic family'

Prince William family name?

Prince Williams' family name is Mountbatten-Windsor however the Royal Family don't tend to use surnames unless the situation requires it, in which case, the surname will be allocated depending on the person's title and status. Depending on the situation, the surnames 'Wales' or 'Cambridge' could also be (and have been) used by the Prince

What is the family motto for the surname Fenech?

Not every family has a motto. Since many surnames are used by completely unrelated families, even if a family does have a motto, it may not be the motto of each family that uses that surname.

Where do peoples' surnames come from?

Surnames were often bestowed upon persons displaying certain characteristics such as red hair (Reed family) or tall stature (Long family). They may have gotten their surname because they lived near a certain geographical feature such as a prominent rock (Hill, or Stone family) or a body of water (Lake, Pond, and Rivers families). Sometimes, people were even given surnames that derived from nicknames that stuck (Sharp, Quick, and Rich families).

What family name originated with Jews from Iraq?

There are a number of Iraqi Jewish surnames. Probably the most famous is Sassoon.

Is Vaughn's kin to the Davis family?

Whether Vaughn and Davis families are related depends entirely on which Vaughn family and which Davis family is being discussed. These are very common surnames and many people using the Vaughn surname are not related to each other, let alone to families using other surnames. The same for families using the Davis surname

What is a sentence with unfit?

The lady to whom I referred is deemed unfit to live at home with her family.

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