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It has fur about a foot thick. The hairs of polar bear fur is actually transparent and transfers light (exactly the same as in fibre optics) to the black skin of the bear.

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What is one way a polar bear adapts to its environment?

It has white fur for camouflage when stalking prey

Can a polar bear kill a moon bear?

No way, a polar bear couldn't harm a fly!!!!

To what stimulus does a polar bear respond?

one way a polar bear respones to a stimulus

Are polar bear dogs real?

no because there is no way a polar bear and dog could mate since they are different species. the legend of Kora only has the polar dog as a way to prove that they are bending the law of physics for young entertainment

Is the grizzly bear nearly extinct?

No way - you might be thinking of the Polar Bear, which because of Global Warming their habitat for hunting is disappearing as the polar ice caps are melting faster - so let's start a campaign to SAVE THE POLAR BEAR!

Similarities in the way polar bear and camel adapt to their habitat?


Which bear is the most dangerous polar or grizzly?

The polar bear is said to be the most dangerous bear on the planet. Both the polar bear and the grizzley are dangerous to humans if provoked, however, grizzlies tend to be less aggressive to people unless actually confronted. Not so the polar bear. They rule their domain and will readily attack anything, including humans, that invade their territory. So, to answer your question, if you are going to Alaska the polar bear may be the real problem for you. If you are going to the mountain states the grizzley is the most dangerous. By the way...yes, grizzlies do live in Alaska as well.

How far can a polar bear smell a sea loin?

2 miles a way

How do polar bears have a baby?

In the same way that all mammals use of internal fertilisation between a female and a male polar bear.

Why won't a polar bear attack a penguin in the wild?

Because polar bears do not live where penguins do and vice versa. Penguins don't know what a polar bear is or looks like, and a polar bear doesn't know what penguins are nor look like. Penguins are found in the Antarctic or most areas way south of the Equator, polar bears are only found in the Arctic.

Can a lion or cheetah eat a polar bear?

NO. Polar bears live in a much different continent and biome than a lion or cheetah, so there's no way that a lion or a cheetah could eat, let alone see a polar bear.

Do brown bears and polar bears mate?

No. 1. Why would they? 2. How would a brown bear travel all the way to the North pole? Or vice versa. 3. Even if a polar bear and a brown bear did meet, they would be enemies.

What could you do to help these polar bears?

One way would be to donate to the many organizations doing great work on the preservation of animal species. And, the polar bear is not in immediate danger. There are many others that need your help more than the polar bear.

Who would win a lion vs polar bear?

well they both have the same way of fighting and so i think they both would get hurt or die The polar bear is far more likely to win.

Why would a polar bear win a fight against a grizzly bear?

Polar bears are larger and have larger claws, stronger jaws, sharper teeth, and have way more strength than grizzly bears.

Can a polar bear lift a killer whale?

NO WAY! Many a peice of a dead one!!but that's it!!

How do polar bear have their cubs?

The same way a human has a baby. Delivery via birth canal.

Does a polar bear eat rodents?

A polar bear probably doesn't eat rodents because there are no rodents in the North Pole! The temperature is way too cold for rodents to survive the tremendously low temperature standards!

What are the potential damage to the environment if polar bears were to become extinct?

It is more the other way round, environmental damage can make polar bears extinct, but them being extinct wouldn't damage the environment

What is another way to spell bear?

bear : as in a polar bear. bare : as in bare naked. Since English to French has been checked as a category, there's also beurre, which is French for butter.

Where is the feather because it is not by the beacon by the way this is on club penguin?

Now it is by the mine next to the polar bear statue.

Why are people afraid of polar bears?

People are afraid of polar bears because they are the most carnivorous bears in existence. And polar bears will not just follow you they will track you down, and if you threaten a polar bear in any way, they will potentially eat you.

Where is the polar bear's environment?

The world's Arctic region, all they way from Asia to North America.

If a bear woke up and began to walk south and every way he walked was south what color was the bear why?

The weather would be be cooler so the bear would become lighter.

How did polar bears get to Svalbard?

They walked across the sea ice (where they live), and still travel in this way. There is evidence that the ancestor of the polar bear originated in present-day Ireland.

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