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In what year was London first bombed?

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First air raids on LondonThe New Generation of smoking!!!

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What was the first place in UK to be bombed in World War 2?


What year did German bombers drop bombs on London?

German bombers bombed London from 1940 right to 1945.

Which was the most bombed city after London during World War in the UK?

Hull was the most bombed city after London

Which city in England was most heavily bombed in the blitz?

London was bombed the most?

How many times was London bombed in the battle of Britain?

London was bombed almost every night during the Battle of Britain.

When Were people fist evacuated?

They were first evacuted when The Nazi empire rose and bombed London in 1940-41. parents sent their children way when the Nazis bombed london thinking they would be safe. They were sent to america.

What was the battle where Germany bombed London for months?

The London Blitz

Why was London bombed during the war?

London was bombed along with many other cities because it was a link to other countries through trade

Who bombed London underground?

Islamic terrorists.

What cities in London was heavily bombed?

Most British cities were bombed during World War 2

What happened in the London blitz?

people got bombed

Who bombed London city in 2000?

Paheetharan Ketheswaran

Who bombed London in 2000?

AlQuada.... who else seriously !!??

Why was London bombed in ww2?

Because it was a capital city

What were the places usama Osama bin Laden bombed?

first of all, it's osama. and he attacked the USA, London, and Kenya.

Was Coventry the most bombed English city in World War 2?

No. London was probably the most heavly bombed................

The most bombed city in GB during World War 2?

the most bombed city in Great Britain was London. bombs fell on London for 59 consecutive nights.

What city was bombed heavily during the battle of Britain?


Was London invaded in the war?

Nope. Bombed, yes. Invaded, no.

Why was London bombed in the blitz?

To scare the British into surrendering to Germany.

What was the most bombed city during the blitz?

London by far.

When was the city of London bombed?

In late 1940 and early 1941

Name 2 cities which were badly bombed during the blitz?

The 2 cities that were badly bombed are london and liverpool the popular places london is the capital of uk liverpool is a city BY SALVIN

What school in east London got bombed during world war 2?

The royal academy was England's first military academy.

What cities other then London were bombed?

If you mean during World War 2, nearly every UK city was bombed.

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