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Q: In which website can i find photos of david pelzers family and wives?
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When is David Pelzers birthday?

David Pelzers' Birthday is=December 29, 1960=

What is the name of David Pelzers father?

Stephen Joseph Pelzer

How did david pelzers dad die?

he died by terminal cancer

Who are Richard pelzers brothers?

Ross, Scott, David, Keith

What happened to david pelzers mom?

in the book the child called it

What did david pelzers mother look like?

The Devil in disguise.....possessed......

How did Dave pelzer dad die?

David Pelzers father died of terminal cancer

Who are Dave Pelzers family members?

brother ron brother stan father stephen mother Catherine Roerva himself- David

Is david pelzers mom still alive?

No sh died of a heart attack or heart failure

What did David Pelzers mother do to him?

Abuse him. Tried to burn him, fed him ammonia, beat him,

Where are David Pelzers brothers today?

You will find out when Dave pelzer's Brothers died!! so no one knows why or how the died

Where can one find photos of David Brown tractors?

Images of David Brown tractors can be found all over the web. The best compilation of photos is on the David Brown Tractor Club web page. It has many customer uploaded photos.

What were the names of Dave pelzers foster parents?

the first foster home that David went to was Aunt Marry.. The second one was Lilian- Mom.. and Rudy- Dad

What happened to David pelzers brothers?

David Pelzer had four other brothers though not much is known about them. His brother Richard claimed to have become the object of their mother's abuse after David was removed and wrote his own novel detailing it. Their brother Stephen claims none of the abuse ever happened.

Where can one find David Beckham pictures?

The best place to find David Beckham pictures would be on fan or sports sites. Also, check out his official site, which may include more personal photos of himself and family.

Do you have photos of david ruffin's wives?


Are there any photos of david draiman shirtless?

Yes. google it.

Is there a photo of david pelzers' mother?

There is actually a picture of her at It is a picture of that cold hearted thing at her wedding.It is pretty blurry since it was taken in the old times, you can bearly see IT'S face.

When will the david cook website open?

David Cook's website is open. It is Go check it out!!!

Does David beckham play golf?

David Beckham played golf once with his friends on 15/9/2009. Photos are on david beckham fans-online.

Does Dave Pelzers father ever show up to his foster home?

No his father never forgives him for telling the secret. David thinks he is at a bar getting wasted.

Is it possible to email David Carradine about old west photos from the midwest?

Actor David Carradine died on 3rd June 2009.

Can DAVID Henry drive?

yes he can... he posts photos on his twitter all the time

Did David Pelzers mom stab him?

Yes she did. His mother was mentally unstable. She was threatening to kill him if he did not wash the dishes fast enough. She was holding the knife when David's little brother grabbed on to his Mom's leg. When she lost her balance, she fell forward and stabbed him (not fatally). David Pelzer is the author of "The Child Called It", a personal history of child abuse. (see related link)

What materials did David Hockney use?

he used acrylic and in a lot of his work a collage of photos