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I would check the electric fan (if so equipt), when the engine stops the hot water is not circulated it needs the fan to cool it. When they get older the thermometer quits doing it's job.


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If it goes to hot after engine is shut down after driving that is normal. Coolant is not circulating at that point . If it goes top hot while driving that could be a problem Please clarify

I had the same problem with my 1989 Toyota cressida and when I had it looked at they said it was because the temperature gauge kept getting stuck and when it got loose it would fly way up into the red line and then return to normal like yours, you should get it replaced so that your car would send out unnerssisary engeint coolent

Yes, it came with 2 sets of brakes. One is for normal driving and the other is for emergencies.

My Toyota Handbook says High Speed driving 205/70R 14 95H 280 2.8bar 41psi 215/65R 15 96H 280 2.8 41 Normal Driving down to 2.5bar 36 psi for both sizes. Hope this helps.

If I didn't get 275,000+ with normal driving, I would be mad. The 3.4 is one of the finest motors they ever built.

Every two years under normal driving circumstances. If fluid is dirty and low, go ahead have it done.

The driving distance from Rochester, MN, USA to Normal, IL, USA is 400mi / 643km

we own a Toyota Yaris and it is quite a dependable little car and we save over $3,500 dollars a year driving it the only problem on the 2-door is that when you want to get in the back and you pull the lever on the passenger seat it does not go back to a normal sitting position.

Cars.... Normal cars like Nissan and Toyota...

shifts normal with normal driving conditions when driving hard transmission stalls.have to ease off gas to go to next gear

Personally I don't find driving a skill, it does depend though. Normal everyday driving isn't 2 skill but racing on a track is skillful.

The 4.0L V6 doesn't use a timing belt, the 4.7 V8 does and under normal driving conditions require the timing belt be changed at 90,000 mile intervals.

No, normal driving will not bend a tie rod. It takes a large shock from a large pot hole, a curb or a collision to bend a tie rod.

The Toyota Prius is the quintessential hybrid on the market today and has been for many years. The hybrid has an EPA rating of 51 mph in the city and 48 mpg for highway driving. The company itself is still struggling to get back to normal after the Japan's March 2011 earthquake. However, Toyota is set to release the redesigned 2012 models of the Camry, Yaris and Prius V wagon hybrids. If you're in the market for a hybrid, Toyota is one of the most reliable brands.

what is normal price alternator and labor

Shocks need replacing. As this is a 2004, it is still under warranty. Return it to the dealer fro repair. If you are talking about a firm ride, then this is normal for a Tacoma 4x4.

vibration on toyota corolla over 50 mph. when taken foot of gas its normal

Driving lesson school will help you how to drive and also the rules and regulations of driving. It's not about writing you can practice drive by your own with the normal driving outside with your instructor to guide you.

That is the button that changes the shift points and hold points on your transmission gear shifting. pwr is for more aggressive driving. down shifts quicker and holds the gear longer in the rpm band before shifting to the next gear....or leave it off for normal driving for economy. Jeff Fort Worth Texas

The 4X4 knob should be switched to the "HIGH" position for normal on road driving. This will allow the vehicle to automatically lock the center differential according to the road conditions.

I'd flush every 100,000 miles normal driving. every 50,000 miles for hard driving

The idle is preset at factory. No adjustment provisions are provided. In cooler temperatures, it will take a little longer for the idle to come down. If the vehicle continues to have a higher than normal idle, then you will need to take it to a shop where they can diagnose the problem. Driving around with a higher than normal idle can damage the transmission.

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