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Indian Removal Act and Mormons?


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Both the Indian Removal Act and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' church) began in the spring of 1830. The Indian Removal act sent many Native American Tribes west of the Mississippi River. These relocated tribes were encountered by the Mormons about 15 years later when the Mormons were forced west of the Mississippi River as well. The Native Americans felt sorry for the Mormons and helped them survive in the harsh west.


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Indian Removal Act happened in 1830.

There was no Indian Removal Act of 1890, just the Indian Removal Act of 1830 lead by president Andrew Jackson.

the Indian removal act started in 1830

Who came up with the Indian Removal Act?

They enacted the Indian Removal Act in the year 1830

to implement removal of the native Americans with the passage of the Indian removal act of 1830

The trail that was caused by the Indian removal act was the Trail of Tears.

President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act.

The northern industrialists generally frowned upon the Indian Removal Act.

The purpose of the Indian Removal Act was to take the Indians to the land west of the Mississippi River.

John Marshall said he wanted to enforce the Indian Removal act

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was a United States federal law enabling the forced removal of Indian tribes from their homelands to Indian Territory.

President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act.

The Indian Removal Act was passed on May 28, 1830. It authorized the President to negotiate with Indian tribes in the south for their removal to federal territory in exchange for their homelands.

When Jackson found out there was gold, he immediatly called for the Indian removal act

The Indian removal did start in 1830 and stopped in 1860. The Indian Removal Act was passed by the senate on April 24, 1830.

Andrew Jackson was the man from Tennessee who was in favor of the Indian Removal Act.

The Indian Removal Act was executed and passed onto the law by President Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830.

Think about the name of the act. Indian removal. That was the goal. To remove Native Americans with any means possible.

The law (The Indian Removal Act) was passed on May 26th 1830, the first actions were taken in September of 1830. If you mean "Indian Removal" in general, then that would be October 12th 1492.

It was on May 28, 1830 that the Indian Removal Act was passed. A number of Christian missionaries opposed the passing of the bill.

The Second Great Indian Removal Act is a term for an act that forced Native Americans to leave their land and live on reservations. The act was passed in 1877 and was called the Dawes Severalty Act.

Andrew jacksons policy of implementing the Indian removal act by evicting the Cherokee tribe threatened the constitutional principle of?

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