Inflation in India?

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whole sale price indix rose to 0.7 percent this week. previous week it was about 0.85

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Current inflation rate of India?

what is inflation rate of India march 2010 current inflation rate in India is 13.5 May 2010

How inflation measured in India?

inflation in india is measured by whole sale price index.

Who calculates inflation rates in India?

Inflation rate is calculated by Reserve Bank of India . For inflation rate , basic necessitygoods price is taken as base and on that bases inflation rate is calculated.

What has been the inflation rate of India in the last ten years?

What is inflation rate of India may 2010?

The inflation rate in India was 14.86 percent in February of 2010

Inflation in India in march 2009?

On March-7 inflation was 0.44

What is current inflation rate in India today?

what is the current inflation rate in India today?as per today i.e 28-3-2009 the inflation rate is 0.27%

What is the current inflation rate in India in august 2010?

the current inflation rate is 8.5%

What is the inflation rate in India?

India's inflation rate is 5.17% and projected to go down.

Give the weekly inflation rate in India from January 2008 to March 2008?

Inflation rate in India from nov 2007 to sep 2008

Inflation rate of India in 2012?


Current inflation position in India?

explain the inflationary position in india. describe its causes and mention the steps taken by rbi governor to control inflation

What is the current inflation rate in Bangalore India?

Inflation rate in Bangalore as on September 2010 will be around 20%.

What is the inflation rate in India in January 2009?

January 10th the inflation rate rose to 5.60 percent.

Why is inflation increasing in india day by day?

Inflation is increasing day by day because of corruption in politics

Highest inflation rate in India ever?


Can the repo rate decrease the inflation of India?

Not directly.

What was the inflation rate in Nov 2010 in India?


What is the effect of inflation on growth in India?

Inflation has been causing chaos. This is due to limited per capita income.

What has the author A V Ranganadhachary written?

A. V. Ranganadhachary has written: 'Inflation in India' -- subject(s): Inflation (Finance)

What is the inflation rate in India in February 2009?

India unflation rate 5.6% in feb'2009

Are other countries also becoming costlier like India?

Yes inflation is not limited to india

What is the current inflation rate in India march 2009?

.44 %

When was India hit by highest inflation rate?

14.74 Percent

Is the government responsible for food inflation in India?

I assume so