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If they are the same as any other drum brakes(excluding some Asian makes) they will be easily removed with a brake tool kit, this kit is necessary to complete the job. if you have done rear brakes before then it will take a few seconds, but if you haven't and are good with puzzles you might be able to get it done if you only do one side at a time so you can compare it to the other side. if you have the brake tool kit it will have a small screwdriver handle with a socket end to take of these two round metal pieces with springs. you will need a large scissor style tool that has a socket with a lip on one end(this is to get the top two springs off that pull the shoes in). it will also have a long end with a crows foot looking thing on it which is used to level those springs back on. the first thing is to put the socket over one of the top two spring ends and twist it to fling off that spring and do the same for the other spring(have a bucket to catch all the pieces). next use the screwdriver/socket tool to push in and twist those two metal circles that have springs under them. this is very hard to describe so i would suggest asking a person who is a mechanic/friend who can help you do this. putting it back together is complicated at first but just compare one side to the other and don't put the shoes on backwards(bigger shoe should be on the front towards the front of the vehicle because it does most of the stopping). you should spray it down with brake clean when you are done.

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Q: Instructions to change rear drum brakes on your 1999 Chevy cavalier 22L?
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