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25,000 lbs

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Q: Intex pool how much chlorine to put in a 20x48?
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What chemicals are needed for a 20x48 above ground pool?

what chemicals are needed for starting up a 20x48 intex above ground pool

How much chlorine do you use for a 10'x30 intex easy set pool?


How do you shock a 20x48 pool?

The easiest way is to use 4 lb of non-chlorine shock. Hatawa

How much chlorine do you put in a 15 ft 42 in high intex above ground pool?

6 ounces

How many chlorine tablets do you use in a 16x48 intex pool?

Look on the packaging.

How much chlorine for intex pool 15 x 36?

Skip the chlorine and get a salt filter you'll save a ton of money in the long run and it will keep your pool crystal clear all summer.

How do i clear cloudy water in a intex pool?

You might want to try a longer filter run and chlorine.

Maintenance on above ground pool intex easy set?

How much chlorine, shock treatment, and conditioner do we put in an 18ft. x 48in pool? Also, how often does this need to be done?

Where can one find information about intex pool?

One can find information about INTEX pool on the official website of the company INTEX Corp. One can find information on the INTEX pool also from the websites In The Swim and Pool Products.

How can i bring my chlorine level down in a 12' intex easy set pool?

Just wait a while and the chlorine lever wil go down by its self.

Can you use a saltwater system in your above ground pool?

Absolutely. Even Intex the supplier to Walmart and toy stores sell a chlorine generator. Pool & Spa

Intex Pool Pumps?

form_title= Intex Pool Pumps form_header= Swim your summer away after you buy an Intex pool pump. What is the square footage of your swimming pool?*= _ [50] Is your pool a salt water pool?*= () Yes () No How often do you clean your pool?*= _ [50]

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