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I need help my pool is green

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Q: Intex salt chlorinator for your pool so you still need to shock it and how do you do that?
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Do you need to turn off your automatic salt chlorinator when adding shock to a salt water pool?

By Shock I guess you mean a packet of Chrlorine marketed as "Shock or "Shock Treatment" which is esentially just chlorine packaged at a higfher price. Any ususal powdered or liquied chlorine will do the same job except those that are Di chlor or tri chlor. No need to turn of the salt chlorinator at all.

Do you still need to shock salt water swimming pool?

no need to shock with chlorine but you still have to maintain it like you would with any other pool of water

Maintenance on above ground pool intex easy set?

How much chlorine, shock treatment, and conditioner do we put in an 18ft. x 48in pool? Also, how often does this need to be done?

Apart from Salt and a Pump what else do you need to run a salt pool?

You need a salt water chlorinator. A salt water chlorinator is an electronic devise that converts the salt in the water from the pool into chlorine gas that is then absorbed into the water.

Do you still have to add shock each week with the salt systems?

Salt pools still require weekly shock maintenance, but not near the amount that a chlorine pool would need. There are Salt Pool Shock Treatments out there for your particular pool setup.

Is the process harder or different to remove present algae from salt water pool systems?

Its basically the same, you can shock the water if you wish However you do need to make sure that Algaecide you us is ok to use with your chlorinator as some of the copper based algaecides may void your warranty.

6000 gallon AG pool with a cartridge filter and salt water chlorinator The water turned green and added a bag of shock the water is now milkycloudy How can the water color be fixed?

Although one bag of shock does treat usually 10,00 gallons, that is assuming a clear pool to start with. Since you had an algae infestation, more shock will be required. A simple rule of thumb is when treating problem water to double or even triple shock the pool. Simply put, there wasn't enough shock there to finish the job. Test your water for chorine. Most shocks are chlorine based. If your chlorine is low or zero, it will confirm the need for more shock.

Can a regular pool pump be used on a intex pool?

Yes it can but you have to be good at figuring out what fittings and valves you need from the local hardware store.

When filling your pool with fresh water do you need to shock it or just chlorinate it?

shock it

When you hve shock absovers changed do you need to realign the wheels?

when shock absorber's have been changed do you need to realign the wheels

How much salt do you need in 2100 gallon pool?

For a non-INTEX pool you need 50 lbs. of salt for 2,000 gallons. or water capacity in gallons X 0.025.

Will turning up your salt water chlorinator kill algae?

Generally, yes, although you might need to shock the pool to kill the algae and then maintain a higher level of chlorine than you were (assuming the level of chlorination was too low). Also check the pool pH, and never swim in a pool that's excessively chlorinated.

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