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A 12 year old (female) child who is 113 pounds and is 4 feet and 10 inches tall has a body mass index of 23.7, which is at the 92th percentile, and would indicate that you're at risk of becoming overweight. talk to ur mom bout consulting the doctor but if ur scared/embarrased Google some ways to loose weight off certain areas. u might gain muscle but if u keep gaining consult the doctor. im 12 and 5'3 and a half and i weigh 110 . plus u might have an hour glass shape which tends to put/store/gather all the fat to your thighs and breast

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The right weight for a wiener dog should be about 15-18 pounds for the big ones. Miniature Dachshunds should be about 9-12 pounds.

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Should be right around 65 pounds

To lose weight at the age of 62 and at 210 pounds, one needs to do light and consistent exercise along with eating right.

your weight is fine, it's right for your height so don't worry about it.

If you would like too loose weight you should exercise, eat right, and have good proteins. If you do this for 1 month you will loose 10 pounds.

No you are not the right weight my son is physically healthy, he plays football and basketball and he weighs 94 pounds.

Somewhere between 140-160 pounds should be right for someone your size.

What is the question? no-one can tell if your weight is right if your height is not known.

Neither, for your height and age your weight is perfect because the healthy weight range for your height and age is 103-151 lbs.

I'm 12 and i weigh 112 pounds, its the right weight to be at 12. I'm not sure what your situation is but if you are that weight, it's just right!

111 pounds don't listen to the other answer they suggested it would be healthy to be 74 a bmi of 14.5 so anorexic this is the right weight but for your child not be overweight or underweight their weight should lie between 94.5-127.5 pounds.

A Junior cheerleader's average is 100 pounds.

I am 12, and I'm 5'2 right now. My weight is currently 113.3, and that is in the healthy weight range. If you are worried about your weight, think about this: To be at risk of overweight if you're 12 and are 5'2, you have to be 130 pounds. That means that if you are under 130 pounds, you're in good condition. Once you get really close or past 130 pounds, you should figure out a plan to help you lose some weight. A good and healthy weight range for you would be about 100 pounds- 120 pounds. If you can stay in this boundary, your weight is fine, and you shouldn't worry too much about your weight. Hope this helped!

yes, that sounds right about perfect... u could even gain weight

Actually, you've got the weight right here. Pounds (lbs) is a measurement unit of weight. If you want the mass in kilograms it's 11.2 kg and the weight in Newtons is 109.8 N.

you should be about 9.5 stones Do not worry. Obviously, you are becoming a woman. You are perfect.

It Is The Right Weight For Your Height

8,290,406 pounds right about

just don't eat as much break the meals apart and eat so many calories a day the weight should come right off and u should see the change! Dr.Moreles

That depends on why the 12 year old girl needs to lose nearly 30 pounds. Also, that depends on your width, weight, and how tall you are. Most adults lose weight by counting their calories or excising and eating right.

well that may be a few pounds of weight, but no big deal this is right around puberty.

Your weight depends on your height, gender, and body type. If you are around 4'10'' 91 pounds is just right.

you should not watch your weight just eat right and excersize.

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