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$200.00 is an excellent price for a 1903 to 1939!!!!!!!!


It depends if you are the buyer of seller. By the general description "good shape" a value of $350-$500 would be put on the gun withought seeing it. If you are buying, you really can't go wrong with that price. If you are selling, perhaps a professional appraisal would be a good idea.

umm no if u have a browning a5 16 gauge with serial # between 1 and 288,000 located next to the trigger , that gun is worth multiple of thousands of dallors

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โˆ™ 2010-03-09 02:42:57
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Q: Is 200.00 a fair price for a 16 gauge A-5 in good shape made in Ogden Utah between 1903 and 1939?
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