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yeah a good price for you

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A barrel with ports cut in it.

The ported guns had a much louder report than non-ported guns, and many people complained about the excess noise. Hence they decided that it did little more than irritate folks.

It is Ballard style rifling, and should date to 1999. The year of manufacture is 2001. 1st 2 digits of serial # correspond to the year it was made. Ballard rifling is correct.

Check on line auctions, gun shops, gun shows and pawn shops.

If it did that, it was probably the effect of a ported barrel, rather than of the handgun design. Barrel porting is done as a recoil reduction measure, and is pretty effective, although it can have some negative consequences in low light firing.

Depends on what application it was ported for and by what process.

a ported box will hit the lows better than a sealed box. and they will hit harder.. but a ported box will be louder.

It depends on what your looking for a ported box gives off more bass but a sealed box is a clearer sound

i love ported boxes because it's less wear and tear on the subs because the air isn't pushing against the sub, but leaving the port. so i found out that you get a louder, better performance with ported boxes.

This is due to the restriction of air movement on the back side or the cone . This has to do with the properties of a ported speaker verses a non ported suspended speaker.

That would be dependent on your device. It will show any video signal ported to the HDMI port.

Courted, ported, sorted, sported, thwarted

majority of the cell phones number can be ported in. Which every company you go with ask sales rep first can your current number be ported in. They can change it to be sure.

I wouldn't recommend a ported box for this sub as the qts is higher than .6, i would use 1.6-2 cu.ft sealed and stuffed with poly-fil, or go infinite baffle. The only reason why the manufacturer says it can be used and sealed and ported is because of marketing, a ported enclosure would most likely over bloat the low end and cause a frequency hump down low

When referring to subwoofer enclosures, ported and vented are the same thing, as opposed to a sealed box. Sealed boxes are said to provide a harder "hit" and better sound quality but may not sound as loud as a ported box. Neither type of box is particularly "better" than the other, so the choice is between SQ (sound quality) of a sealed box vs. the louder but slightly poorer sound of a ported box. Hope this helps!

It looks like a can and it's like in 3d.

where is the ported vacumm switch located on a 4.o lt for a96 ford explorer xlt 4wd 4dr

This gun was polished and ported by famed gunsmith Richard Heine -- and his name is stamped into the barrel. Comes with 4-5 genuine colt mags. Fewer than 500 rounds have been fired with it.

they both imported and out ported harvested picked croped farmed

Sounds like you ma have seen a photo of a .45 with a PORTED barrel. An option with many handguns is to machine a couple of holes in the top of the barrel near the muzzle. As the bullet passes those holes on it's trip down the barrel, some of the gas is tapped off, and shoots up through the holes (the ports). The purpose to to help control the tendency of the muzzle to flip up from recoil- but a high speed photo that captures the flash does make it look a bit like a snorting dragon.

List three examples of different hardware platforms onto which Linux has been ported?Read more: List_three_examples_of_different_hardware_platforms_onto_which_Linux_has_been_ported

Yes, but not as vast as you can tune a ported box. But yes it it possible.