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Alaska is a state of the United States, Canada is a separate country.


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No, Alaska is part of the United States. Canada borders Alaska to Alaska's east.

No, it is not. Alaska is a part of the United States of America.

The state of Alaska borders western Canada. Alaska is a part of the USA.

Alaska and Canada have always been separate. Alaska is part of USA and Canada is a different country

Alaska is placed in the northwestern part of Canada

Because even though Alaska is connected to Canada, the US purchased it. At first is was part of Russia. They sold it to Canada, who sold it to USA.

Because Alaska was originally part of Canada, then Russia bought, then sold it to America.

Alaska borders the far northwest of Canada.

Alaska borders the west side of Canada, so obviously Canada.============================================The last time I checked, Alaska was part of the US. Did I miss something?

East of Alaska or the Northwestern part of Canada

Hawaii and Alaska Alaska is connected to Canada Haiwaii is an island

Canada is between the main part of the US and Alaska.

Alaska, part of the USA.

No, it was a Russian Colony.

No part of Canada belongs to the USA, although Alaska is right beside Canada which the USA owns.

Alaska isn't part of Canada because in 1741, Russia claimed rights to it, then sold it to the U.S, not Canada. They sold it to the U.S, hoping it would off set their rival, Britain.

No,because Alaska is part of the united states.

Alaska is part of the North American continent. Canada borders the state of Alaska to the east.

The country that borders western Canada is America. That part of America is called Alaska.

It's one of the territories in northern Canada, and borders Alaska.

Alaska is near Canada but is still part of the USA

That depends on what part of the US you are in and what part of Canada you are going to. If you are in Alaska, Canada is east and south. If you are in Maine, Canada is west and north.

Alaska is not north of Canada. However, Alaska is bordering the northwest of Canada.

They are part of Alaska and therefore American

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