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No. Alexander the great was Greek. He spoke and wrote in ancient greek. He was born in Pella ( which today in the north of Greece).

Some people will try to tell you that he was macedonian. This is partly true in the same way Spartans and athenians are greek.

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What is the roman numeral of Alexander the Great?

The roman numeral of Alexander the Great is Alexander III [356-323 BCE]

Was Alexander the Great roman or greek?

Alexander the great was Greek.

Did Alexander the great fight the Romans?

Alexander the Great predates the Roman Empire.

What relationship did Alexander the great have with the roman empire?

None , Alexander preceded the Roman Empire which came later .

What Roman Emperor wanted to conquer the lands that Alexander the Great conquered?

No Roman emperor wanted to conquer the lands that Alexander the Great had conquered. The Roman conquests in areas which Alexander had conquered occurred during the period of the Roman Republic, before the period of rule by emperors and before there were Roman emperors. These various conquests, which occurred at separate times, had nothing to do with a desire to conquer Alexander's former territories.

What is the difference between Julius Caesar and Alexander the great?

Julius Caesar was a Senator in the Roman Republic (before it became the Roman Empire). Alexander the great was a Macedonian leader whose father, Philip, took over Greece. As king, Alexander crushed the Persian Empire.

What was the relationship between Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire?

His empire was in the east. Roman influence at that stage was confined to Italy.

Was Alexander the Great king of Rome?

No, he was a greek king before the roman times.

What cultures did Alexander the great combine?

Persian,greek,roman and egyptian together.

Who are some world leaders such as Alexander the Great who were known as The Great?

Alexander the Great, world conqueror and son of King Philip of Macedonia Catherine the Great, Russian Tsaress Constantine the Great, Roman Emperor Peter the Great, Russian Tsar

Did Alexander the Great have the largest empire?

Alexander the Great had the largest Greek empire ever created, but it was not bigger than some Empires that were built later, such as the Roman or British ones.

Was Alexander the Great Mark Antony's military companion and friend?

Neither of the two ever met . The Roman Empire was much later although Marc Anthony probably admired Alexander The Great .

What is the name of the time period between Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire?

The Hellenistic period was the period between the conquests of Alexander the Great to the conquest of Egypt, the last Hellenistic state which fell to the Romans,

Was Alexander the Great Roman?

yes but for some reasons he became Egyptian the Greek!note: this is fack for what i have written.

What is Alexander the Great relation status?

he was a roman leader and led Romans to victors against other enemies

What is the definition of Hellenistic?

Referring to a period in Greek history between Alexander the Great and the Roman conquest.

Why did the early Roman Empire last longer than the empire started by Alexander the Great?

The early Roman empire lasted longer than the empire that was started by Alexander the great because there was more support. With more people, and more support, an Empire is trusted more, and can last longer.

Who succeded Alexander the Great?

Alexander IV of Macedonia who was the son of Alexander the Great

Who conquered all of Greece around BC?

It was first taken over by Alexander the Great, then absorbed into the Roman Empire.

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