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This requires a subjective answer, and it would be quite unusual for agreement upon this question. As long as citizens are voting for elected officials and appointees of such officials can be accounted for their actions or inactions it is indeed democratic enough. The problem democracy has in the US republic is that not nearly enough people take the time to vote and also take part in civic duties. Nor do they seek more than one media opinion of officials or other current events. The notion that the Press as example always prints the truth is easily seen as not true. With that said, it means the people of the US or in any democratic nation, must seek answers to news stories by consulting different sources. People need to remind themselves that their fellow citizens and people of past decades have given their lives to have a system that we have. Being lazy or voting based on party lines is not what being a free citizen means.

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2015-04-03 19:32:15
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Q: Is America sufficiently democratic
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