Is Bologna in all hot dogs?

Updated: 10/7/2023
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Baloney and weiners are both sausages, but they aren't the same. Generally, a weiner is spiced differently, so that it is "snappier", although there are obviously exceptions - Lebanon baloney is far spicer than most Hot Dogs. The blandest hot dogs and the blandest baloney are admittedly pretty similar, but neither is anything you'd want to feed your dog, much less your family.

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They are both made with meat but are made to an entirely different recepe

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Q: Is Bologna in all hot dogs?
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What is that white greasy substance you sometimes get on hot dogs or bologna?

It's flour.

What is the difference between Bar S hot dogs and Bar S bologna?

we have no idea ;) my boyfriends a hot dawg ;P

What are some edible casing foods?

Spring Rolls, Samosa's, Sausage Rolls , hot dogs, pickled bologna

What animal does beef bologna made from?

Beef bologna comes from chicken & pork. It's a seasoned smoked sausage of mixed meats: beef, veal and pork.

How hot can bologna get when if it is inside a panda in Thailand?

Very hot.

How did hot bologna originate?

frying pan.

Are hot dogs made out of pan fried dogs?

hot dogs r made out of all of the remains of pork wrapped in the skin of the pork

What kind of meat does Drier's Meat Market sell?

Drier's Meat Market sells all kinds of meats including ham, bologna, Canadian bacon, liver sausages, hot dogs, Polish sausage, smoked dog bones, and hard salami.

Do people eat dog meat?

No, they don't kill dogs for hot dogs, in hot dogs there are sausages, and sausages are pigs. Dogs have nothing to do with hot dogs. ------------------------------- A hot dog is made predominantely from the meat and fat of pigs and/or cows. It's usually about 95%, depending on the manufacturer. The remaining percentage consists of a finely ground mixture of scraps. (It can be anything from bones to tongue to organs, etc.) This also applies to "mystery meats" such as spam, bologna, etc.

Do men like hot dogs?

Yes, they do but not all of them.

Are there any soy free hot dogs?

Yes, there are plenty of soy free hot dogs. The best way to ensure you have a soy free product is to buy Kosher ALL BEEF hot dogs.

What is Dolly Parton's favorite food?

Hot Dogs