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What are some edible casing foods?


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Spring Rolls, Samosa's, Sausage Rolls , hot dogs, pickled bologna


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examples of edible casings are sausage rolls, quiches, creme eggs, and burger buns !!it is a cover around the food that can be eaten for example when you eat a jam tart you eat the pastry around the outside wich is the edible casing!:) :)an edible casing around food like sausage roll

SAUSAGE - ground meat in an edible casing

An edible case is a covering you can eat. For example, you can eat the casing, or outer cover of a sausage. Sausages are made by stuffing an edible case with meat.

some foods can't be eaten and are only used for decorations therefore they are called unedible. whereas edible foods are most commonly referred to decorations that are eatable.

because you can eat sausages and also rolls

All foods have chemicals in them.

They eat edible foods.

Yes. It can make some inedible food edible and it can destroy the nutrients in other foods.

Cacti are known to not require much water and some are quite edible.

No yes... Unlike some Annonaceae, Ylang-Ylang fruits are not used in foods; however they are quite edible and have the tart but pleasant aroma of a conifer or juniper.

Most ferns are not edible. But ostrich fiddleheads are edible. Ferns can not make other foods bad but some ferns are poisonous. Know what type of fern you are eating.

Thyme, though not really a food, per-say, is edible and used in cooking.

Edible means "able to be eaten". It refers to foods and substances that can be consumed and digested by a particular animal or insect.

Fajitas, feta cheese, fettuccine pasta, figs, filet mignon, fish, fortune cookies, French bread, French fries, Frosted Flakes cereal, fruit and fudge are edible foods. They begin with the letter f.

Water plants eaten as foods include: Dulse (edible seaweed) Nori (edible seaweed, used in sushi maki rolls) Irish moss (contains carrageenan, a food additive) Sea cucumber Laver (edible seaweed)

Bamboo is edible in some forms.

The reed is not edible, but some species of reed have edible tuberous roots.

there are some edible and some not but im for sure that the barrel catus

Fungus and mushrooms can be eaten and some are edible but some are not.

Cooking affects foods by making them edible, easier to eat, or safe to eat. The process also chemically changes foods.

Berndt Berglund has written: 'The Complete Guide to Orienteering in North America' 'The edible wild' -- subject(s): Cookery (Wild foods), Edible Plants, Edible Wild plants, Northeastern States, Cooking (Wild foods) 'Wilderness cooking' -- subject(s): Cookery (Wild foods), Outdoor cookery, Cooking (Wild foods), Outdoor cooking 'Complete Wilderness Almanac'

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The same as it is before it's fired - a casing. Some refer to an empty casing as a "shell" or "shell casing".

Wild camels eat almost any edible foods.

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