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Yes, they are a fraud company. They called me today and asked me to disclose my credit card info over the phone and I refused. They pass me to the manager and she sent me a link to the website to out my credit card info. I observed that she get what I put there and i checked the webpage page and didn't find the security certificate. It's a huge fraud company.

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โˆ™ 2013-03-06 10:19:40
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Q: Is Canadian visa expert is scam?
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Is Canadian visa expert a scam?

The Canadian Government warns about "Visa procurement or advice" companies in general. This company name is a little difficult because there are scam companies preying on holders of both Visa credit cards and persons seeking travel and work Visas for Canada. Be very careful and contact your Credit card provider or the the Canadian government representative for your area to make sure you do not make your situation worse.

How do you get a Canadian visa?

There are many categories to get a Canadian Visa It Can be Student Visa Vistor Visa Permanemt Immigration Work Permit etc....

Does a Canadian need a visa to live in the US?

Yes a Canadian does need a visa.

Can you enter in UK with a Canadian visa?

No, a Canadian visa is only valid for Canada.You need a UK visa to enter the UK.

Is credit one bank visa a scam?


If you have a Vietnam passport but live in the US and want to go to Canada what do you need to cross and reenter the border?

yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa

Does a Canadian citizen need a tourist visa to visit the US?

no, if you have a Canadian passport.. but, if you don't have a Canadian passport you will need a visa unfortunatley..

How can you gate Canadian visa from malawicom?

You can get a Canadian visa if you are from Malawi. A visa is required prior to entry into Canada. You can apply for a visa directly online. Malawi does not have a Visa Application Center within the vicinity. The closest Visa Application Center to Malawi is in Kenya.

Is there a Canadian lottery mobile draw?

No its a scam.

Does a Canadian citizen with Indian passport need visa to visit US?

how can you be a Canadian citizen with Indian passport. If you are Canadian resident with Indian passport yes you have to get a US Visa.

Does a Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin need visa to India?

Yes. Canadian citizens need a visa and therefore Canadian Citizens of Pakistani origin also need a visa to travel to India. Canadian citizens who are first or second generation Canadian of Pakistani origin have more conditions for granting a visa. Canadian citizens who also hold a Pakistani Passport (Dual citizenship) will have to apply for an Indian visa on their Pakistani passport. There are many restrictions for Pakistani passport holders however the visa costs next to nothing if you are Pakistani and more than $50 if you are just Canadian. Hope that helps.

Do es a Canadian citizen need a visa to visit Istria Croatia?

No as a Canadian Passport holder,You don't need to get a visa for Crotia.

What will you do if your Canadian visa expires but have not gone to the country yet?

Easy. Apply for a Canadian visa renewal. or go to the US and sneak over ;)

Do you need a visa to travel to Japan you have a Canadian pass port?

No Canadian Passport Holders are under the visa waiver program, you can visit as a temporary visitor for 90 days without a visa.

How and by whom to submit Canadian visa application from Pakistan?

As we apply through American express for us visa, so I want to know how and by whom to apply for Canadian visit visa and what is the fee.

Do Canadian need visa to UAE?

Canadian didn't need visa to come to UAE, but recently UAE government has changed the rule. from now on Canadians need visa to visit UAE

Can visit visa change to student visa in Canada?

You can try from Canada when you will be on Visitor VISA go to the Canadian Embassy and request for the Student Visa.

What is information about Canadian work visa?

Contact your local Canadian consulate or embassy.

Do bulgarian passport need Canadian visa?

no bulgarian passport holders need no visa

Is Canadian business visa convertible into work visa?

You cannot just convert one type of visa into another. If you are interested in acquiring a Canadian Work Visa, you can apply for one at this website:

Canadian daily visa lottery?


Can a Canadian citizen work for his Canadian employer while being in India on a tourist visa?

You would need the appropriate work visa from the Indian government.

Does a Canadian citizen need a visa to travel to England?

No, a Canadian citizen with a valid passport can travel visa free to England, and actually anywhere in the United Kingdom.

What are Vietnam visa requirements for Canadian citizens?

As a citizen of Canada, you are required Visa to visit Vietnam. Since 1996, all Canadian citizens come to Vietnam can pick up visa at Vietnam international airports.

Does a Canadian newborn baby need a visa to china?

anyone who is NOT a citizen of China needs a visa.