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No, Google voice is a web program/app. You need a landline or cell phone though to activate the service initially, but from there it become all web based if you so desire. The service does forward calls to your landline though as an option.

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Q: Is Google voice landline
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Is Google voice available in Montana?

Yes, Google voice is available in Montana. The service is available Nationwide. You will need a landline phone number or cell phone though to start using the services.

How do you retreive your voice messages from a metro pcs phone using landline?

Call your cell phone from the landline. When it diverts to voicemail, press the # key on your landline and follow the simple instructions

What is similar to google voice-?

Talkroute is similar to Google Voice. Grasshopper is another service that is similar to Google Voice.

How do i retrieve spectrum voice mail?

How do I retrieve Spectrum landline voicemail

When was Google Voice created?

Google Voice was created in 2005.

How do you get voice search on Google Chrome?

Voice search can be enabled on Google Website. It cannot be enabled as such in Google Chrome.

What is free like Google voice?

Skype is similar to Google Voice and there is a free app.

What is Similar to Google voice?

Grasshopper is similar to Google Voice. Grasshopper was founded in 2003.

Can name or phone number be found by Google Voice number?

No, there is no directory for Google Voice numbers.

Comparism of webcam and landline?

It's like chalk and cheese. There is very little to compare at the moment (with technology as it is). First of all landline serves only for voice calls while web cams used by Viot software such as Skype can not only transfer voice but also messages and video. Voip will be in most cases cheaper than landline but requires computer to run, whereas landline does not. If you were to get a single point of communication for a person who does not really get on with technology landline would be the obvious choice.

How do you forward text messages to google voice?

It is really simple. Go to your Google Voice account and to your left it will show you your Google Voice number. Use that number to forward your text.

Are Google voice and Google talk the same thing?

Google Voice works for calling on mobile phone and also sending voice mail messages. Google Chat helps to talk online and video chat through Gmail, Orkut, iGoogle or Google+. Google Chat is free service while Google Voice requires to pay money for calling and massages.

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