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Is Hairdressing a high paying job?

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hi im a hairdresser from England fully qualified and i used to get 4.45 pounds an hour which is minimum wage for my age - 19 so because i wasnt entitled to anymore they only payed me what the government said they had to but now im in Australia for a year and i get payed $19 per hour so twice as much than i was gettin in engalnd and living is cheaper here!! its enjoyable though and that's what matters hope that helps you out

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Yes, that is, eventually, once you become of "legal age". Hairdressing requires a license from your local government or state after completion of any required educational courses. Licenses to practice hairdressing are not granted to minor children. Also, child labor laws come into play here, too. If you want the best "good paying" jobs, stay in school, excel in every subject, graduate high school with honors, then go to college and get an advanced degree.

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