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no Within the European Union (EU), Italy is a large, populous and - on the whole - prosperous country.

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Q: Is Italy a great power
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Was Great Britain an Axis power?

No, the axis consisted of Italy, Japan and Germany. Great Britain was an Allied power

What is a great tower in Italy?

A great tower in Italy is the Leaning Tower of Pisa

In the 1300s access to major trade routes brought great wealth and power to city-states in?


Which countries made up the great power during world war 1?

Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and Austrau- Hungarian empire

Where is Ariana Grandes great great grandparents from in italy?

Ariana Grande has never mentioned where her her great great grandparents are from in Italy to the public.

Where is a great place to visit in Italy? this website will show you great places in Italy, Italy is a great beautiful place I loved it there

What country was not a central power during ww1?

Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Serbia, Belgium, France, Monte Carlo,

What were the circumstances under which Mussolini rose to power in Italy?

1. After WWI Italy was left to gain less despite being victories. And during the great depression was left Italy to fight over on how and what the government should do, a perfect advantage for Mussolini to rise to power. Mussolini's goal was to turn Italy into a fascist state and his tactic was to control the people at the same time use their nationalism to make them proud and willing to participate in his "revolution" and after he took power, he had made a new fascist Italy.

How was Italy allied with?

Italy was sided with Great Germany, and with Japan

Is great Britain bigger than italy?

Italy is bigger

What Axis Power invaded Italy?

Germany invaded Italy in 1944.

Is Italy bigger than great Britain?

Italy is larger compared to Great Britain. Italy has an area of 301,338 square kilometers while Great Britain is only 229,848 square kilometers in area.

Who has the most power in Italy?

the President

What is the land of italy like?

it is great and great sites and views

Is the Great Hungarian Plain and Volga Piver located in Italy?

Neither is in Italy

When did the Etruscans leave Italy?

The Etruscans never left Italy, their power was merely deteriorated in the face of the Romans. Their descendants are in Italy.

What are some similarities between Great Britain and Italy?

Italy has euros but Britain has pounds and Italy and Britain are both in Europe.

Are Great Britain and Ireland and Italy islands?

Britain and Ireland are islands but Italy is not an island.

Why was Henry VII a great king?

As Emperor he planned to restore the glory of the Holy Roman Empire, and indeed he restored imperial power in parts of northern Italy.

Who was happy with the results of the treaty in WW1?

Mostly France, Great Britain, and Italy. Germany was seriously unhappy. That's part of the reason Hitler took power.

What were the conditions of the dictator's nation before Mussolini took power?

There were many issues going on in Italy. They were dealing with the takeover of a socialist party and with the hardships of the Great Depression.

What Axis power invaded Ethiopia?


Who was the Axis power in southern Europe?


When did Mussolini take power in Italy?


Was Italy a member of the Axis power?