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No. Aliko Dangote, President of Dangote Group, is Nigeria's richest man. His estimated 2008 net worth is about 3.3 billion USD. In 2008 he was ranked by Forbes as the 334th richest man in the world, making him the second richest black person in the world and the richest African citizen.

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Q: Is Mike Adenuga the richest man in Nigeria?
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Who is the rishest man in Nigeria?

The richest man in Nigeria is named Alhaji Aliko Dangote from the Dangote Group. The second richest man is named Mike Adenuga.

The richest man in warri 2009?

The richest man in warri in the year 2009 is Mike Adenuga. He earned almost $6 Billion. Mike Adenuga is a business tycoon.

Top 100 most richest men in Nigeria?

Alhaji Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria with a net worth of $16 billion as of 2013. He deals in mostly consumer goods, but is lately making investments in oil companies. Mike Adenuga is the second richest and has invested in telecoms and oil.

Who is the current richest man in nigeria?

aliko dangote p. odili aminu masari obj maryam abacha goje rahamaniya iwu soludu mutallab abba ruma sayyadi tanimu yakubu ibori el rufai late aminu shuaibu ibb Mike Adenuga

List the top richest musician in Nigeria 2008?

The richest man in Nigeria in Aliko Dangote. He is also the richest man in Africa, and is currently the 23rd richest man in the world.

Richest man in Nigeria?

The richest man in Nigeria is Mr Ahmed Ishola a second class upper of the university of Lagos.....Next by Alh.Dantata

Is ooni of ife is the richest man in nigeria?


Who is richest person in africa?

Aliko Dangote Of Nigeria Is Africa's Richest man

Top ten richest man in nigeria?


The richest man in anambra state Nigeria?


How rich is Sam?

Sam Iwuajoku in 07 was rated third richest man in Nigeria and forty-ninth richest man in Africa.

Who is the richest Ibo man in Nigeria?

The richest igbo man is mr jonathan afam nweze from ojoto anambra state.