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Not "techincally" a Founding Father ..

(although the person who provided an earlier answer which venting an obvious bias toward American History - and of course with NOT sitation of a reputable source- and there is much reason he 'got all the credit' - which would be known if that person knew American History as much as they thought they did.)

In reality:

"There are several very distinct groups of people that fall into this category that we can call Founding Fathers. They include the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence, the 14 presidents of the Continental Congress from 1774-1789, five dozen or so generals and officers of the navy that physically secured freedom for the new states, the early governors of the states, the 55 members of the Constitutional Convention who created the United States Constitution and the figures who were leading voices in the state Constitutional Convention debates to ratify the new Constitution.

This group also includes the 91 members of the First Congress who passed the Bill of Rights, the members of George Washington's and John Adams' cabinets, who were tasked with turning the ideas of the Constitution and Bill of Rights into a real living and tangible reality, the earliest members of the Supreme Court, a few others who do not fit conveniently into any of these categories, such as Paul Revere, Ethan Allen and Noah Webster and various women who are considered to be "Founding Mothers" because of heroic acts performed during the war or for other contributions.

Without the contributions of any of these groups of people, the United States likely would not have become what it is and may not have survived at all. "

revolutionary-war-and-beyond DOT com/founding-fathers.html

He was also a Minuteman and Sons of Liberty member.

en.wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Minutemen

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Q: Is Paul Revere considered a founding father?
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Paul Revere went to school at the North Writing School. He learned the art of gold and silversmithing from his father. His father is Appollos Rivoire (Revere.) Paul became a silversmith.

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