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Is Puerto Rico on the western hemisphere?

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Yes, and on the northern.

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What hemisphere is Puerto Rico located in?

Puerto Rico is located in the Northern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere.

What hemisphere is Puerto Rico in?

Puerto Rico is in both the Western and Northern Hemispheres.

Puerto Rico is located in which hemispheres?

The western hemisphere and the northern hemisphere

In which hemisphere is Puerto Rico located?

The Northern and Western Hemispheres.

What is the hemisphere of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is north of the Equator putting it in the Northern Hemisphere. As well, it is west of the Greenwich Meridian and east of the International Date Line, which puts it into the Western Hemisphere.

Spanish colonies in the western hemisphere?

Cuba and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean

What city is 18.46 degrees latitude?

In the western hemisphere 18.46 latitude goes through Mexico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. One city that passes through that latitudes is Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

When did the deadliest hurricane on record in the western hemisphere occur?

The Deadliest known hurricane in the Western Hemisphere was the Great Hurricane of 1780, hitting the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola, killing at least 22,000 people.

Which is farther south Puerto Rico or Newfoundland?

Since both are in the northern hemisphere and Puerto Rico is much closer to the equator, it is farther south.

What is the second largest bay in the western hemisphere?

Puerto Vallarta is the 2nd largest bay in the western Hemisphere

What are the two hemispheres for Puerto Rico?

The Northern and Western Hemispheres.

Is Puerto Rico a foreign country?

If you are in Puerto Rico, no. If you are not in Puerto Rico, yes.

Is Puerto Rico an old country?

For the Western World it dates to 1493.

What other country than US live in the western hemisphere?

Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, and any other country in North, South, and Central America

In which hemisphere is Puerto Rico?

Guys come on its the western hemisphere. And if you like or have family there then you should know. But not me. My family lived the and I don't know what the Lanuage is, or what the money is. Its pritty sad. But my sis nows more than I do. I had to learn how to talk by watching tv. Any way The capital is San Juan and what they call themselves is well was Tainos, now they call themselves puerto ricans.Northern and Western.Northern and Western.

Is Puerto Rico a continent?

No, Puerto Rico is an island.Actually Puerto Rico is NOT a continent ; it is an island .

Conoces a alguien de Puerto Rico No no conozco a de Puerto Rico?

¿Conoces a alguien de Puerto Rico?No, no conozco a nadie de Puerto Rico.Do you know someone in Puerto Rico:No, I know no one in Puerto Rico.Answer:nadie

Puerto Rico is cool?

Puerto Rico is awesome!!

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