Is Toronto in California

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No. Toronto is in Ontario, Canada

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Q: Is Toronto in California
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What is the time difference from California to Toronto?

Toronto is two hours ahead of California.

Driving miles from Toronto to California?

The driving distance by road from Toronto to the California state line is about 2,430 miles.

Is California in Toronto?

No, California is a US State located on the Pacific coast and Toronto is a Canadian city in Ontariio Canada.

How long is a flight to Palm Springs California from Toronto?

A flight from Toronto to Palm Springs California will take 4 hours.

What is the distance between Toronto Ontario Canada and California USA?

Toronto, ON to California City, CA - Total Estimated Distance: 2465.26 miles

What is the driving distance between Toronto Canada and sonoma California?

The driving distance from Toronto, Canada to Sonoma, California is about 2,614 miles / 4207 km

What is the time difference between san francisco and toronto?

Toronto is three hours ahead of California.

Which state is closer to Toronto Ontario Florida or California?

Florida is significantly closer. Even Miami is about 800 miles closer to Toronto than any place in California is.

How far is Corona California to Toronto Canada?

It is about 4,100 km.

What is the distance from Toronto and Anaheim California?

The distance from Tononto Ontario to Anaheim California is 3479Km or 2162 Miles.

What is the air mileage distance from Toronto California to Geneva Switzerland?

The air distance from Toronto, California, to Geneva, Switzerland, is 3,985 miles. That equals 6,412 kilometers or 3,462 nautical miles.

How long does it take to drive from Toronto to California?

From Toronto to Los Angeles 4,055 km – about 1 day 13 hours

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