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Is Vietnam a hot country?

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Vietnam is in the tropics but has variation in climate between the northern and southern regions. The central region shares climates with North Vietnam in the northern part of Central Vietnam and with South Vietnam in the southern part of Central Vietnam.

The northern parts of Vietnam have two distinct seasons: cold and humid in winter in November to April and warm and rainy in the summer when it is also typhoon season in North Vietnam. The average summer temperatures in the north are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (22 C), cooler than other parts of Southeast Asia. Winter months in North Vietnam may have temperatures down as low as 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6-7 degrees C). South Vietnam stays more tropical year round with warm but dry weather in March through May and temperatures during this hottest time of the year can go up into the mid 90 degrees Fahrenheit (low 30s C). Temperatures don't vary much in South Vietnam during the rest of the year, in April to October, but this is the monsoon season, so the dry weather becomes more humid.

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