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Is WikiAnswers an email site?


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No, WikiAnswers is a Question & Answers website. WikiAnswers email addresses are hosted by Google.


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Contacting WikiAnswers by EmailYou can email WikiAnswers @ (remove spaces).(Keep in mind that questions on this site aren't asked and answered by email. All the questions are handled here on the site.)

You get a WikiAnswers email account by becoming a Supervisor on WikiAnswers.

You can email which is the quickest way. How do I get off you list? I do not want to be on

Only supervisors have an email account on WikiAnswers.

He doesn't have an WikiAnswers email.

No; non-Supervisors do not have an email address on WikiAnswers.

Only supervisors have a WikiAnswers email account. For supervisors, you should see a link that says "My Email" in the toolbar under "My Pages" to access your email account. For all other users you can communicate with other users by using the message boards on the site to send messages.

If you emailed WikiAnswers for a good reason, they might email you back. If you emailed WikiAnswers for no good reason, then they might not email you back. It depends on the subject and context of what you emailed WikiAnswers about.

A user account can be closed by sending an email to There is no ownership of questions. They remain on the site for the information of other users.

Sure. You can write an email to The Administrators welcome feedback and would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Many times this is how they get ideas for updates to the site.

WikiAnswers' users email addresses are not public. However, there are some users who post their email addresses in their bio.

What you do is get an account on wikianswers. By getting an account you can track the question and you will be notified if the question is answered or altered by receiving an email from wikianswers. You can then come back to the site to see your question. Join wikianswers today!

WikiAnswers does not give out email addresses.

At this time messaging is only available through each contributor's personal message board on the site. or you might want to reply to the NEWs from the site if you get any...

Only Supervisors, Community Assistants, or employees of Answers Corporation have WikiAnswers email addresses.

Wikianswers does not know any personal passwords for any site, nor would it give them out if they were known.

WikiAnswers is not a job-hunting site, but a Q&A site.

WikiAnswers does not give out email addresses.

WikiAnswers does not release email addresses.

WikiAnswers does not give out email addresses.

We had a lot of people who were creating account after account just to vandalize the site. Requiring a valid email address ensures that vandals cannot do this anymore.

The Community Assistants set up the WikiAnswers email addresses for supervisors.

It is not. Stop slamming Wikianswers.

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