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No, the 1974 Corvette frame is NOT the same as a 1975 Corvette frame. I have had customers modify it to fit, but you would have to change the rear kick up or adapt a 75 and above rear bumper assembly to make it work.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-03 03:46:45
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Q: Is a 1974 frame the same as a 1975 frame in a Corvette?
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Can you put a 1974 Corvette body on a 1982 Corvette frame?

same body style=same chassis so i think it would be a safe asummption Answer: Yes, the frame will match up. The frames from 1963-1982 are almost identical.

Can you fit a 1976 Corvette body on a 1980 Corvette frame?

Yes, the same frame and basic underpinnings were used for that whole generation. The C3 (1968-1982).

Can i interchange 1975 Yamaha 650 frame with 1978 650 frame?

Same frame, different mounts, change at your own risk.

Will a engine from a 1996 Corvette fit on the engine mounts in a 1975 Corvette body?

Yes, the mounting position is the same, but the actual mounts are different. Bolt the mounts from your 1975 corvette to your 1996 LT1 engine and it should go right in. The transmission should also bolt right up to your 1996 LT1 engine.

Will a 1978 corvette frame fit a 1977?

They all pretty much all had virtually the same frame from 1967 through 1982. Slight differences, of course, but if you're down to replacing the frame you'll be able to spot them and compensate.

How can you tell if a motor was stroked 20-30 over is the compression the same 1974-350 corvette what is the stock ratio?

8.5:1 stock

Are the wheels for a 1975 and 1976 corvette the same?

Yes. They are either 15 x 8" ralleys or 15 x 8" optional slotted alloys.

Is a Corvette the same as a Lamborghini?


DOES A 1969 Corvette dash fit a 1975 Corvette?

I don't know about the entire dash but the center console is the same so that will fit. I'm guessing seeing how their both stingrays and look very similar, yes it'll probably fit.

Is removing the battery in a 1993 Corvette the same as removing the battery in a 1995 Corvette?


What year was the VW Scirocco made?

The Scirocco debuted in 1974, for the 1975 model year. This was the same year the Golf/Rabbit came out.

Where is the horn located on a 2000 Corvette?

We are having the same problem on a 2000 Corvette, were you able to figure it out?

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