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No sir, it is front wheel drive.

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Q: Is a 1990 Chevy Cavalier rear wheel drive?
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How do you troubleshoot 4-wheel drive on 1990 Chevy Silverado?

my 4 wheel drive wont ingage into gear from 2 wheels to 4 wheel drive why?

Does a 1990 Cadillac sedan deville have rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

The 1990 Cadillac Sedan DeVille is front wheel drive. The 1990 Cadillac Sedan DeVille is front wheel drive. The 1990 Cadillac Sedan DeVille is front wheel drive.

How take out a wheel drive in a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

Too my knowledge there is no such animal. Describe the part and what it does, where it is located.

Four wheel drive not woking 1990 Chevy?

bad therm actutor in 4wd front axle

Can you make a 4 wheel drive tailshaft be made to fit 2 wheel drive on Chevy 1990?

NO... The center shaft on the 4-wheel drive transmissions are longer then the 2-wheel drives so it will fit into the transfer case. 2 and 4-wheel drive transmissions will NOT interchange.

1990 Chevy cavalier 2.2 firing order information?

The firing order for a 1990 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 is 1-3-4-2. The number one cylinder is closest to the front of the engine.

Is the 1990 camaro front or rear wheel drive?

Rear wheel drive.

Where is starter solenoid on 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

It is bolted to top of starter.

Where is the water pump located on a 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

It is on the front of the engine.

How do you remove a rotor to a 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

Pull the wheel, pull the caliper and the rotor comes right off. You may have to tap the back side of it to loosen it up.

Is the 1990 Honda accord front or rear wheel drive?

rear wheel drive

Is a 1990 dodge spirit rear wheel drive?

no , it's front wheel drive

Will a turbo 400 transmission from an 1988 2 wheel drive suburban work in a 1990 Chevy three-quarter ton four-by-four 350?

No. 2 and 4-wheel drive transmissions are different. Will not interchange.

Is the 90 Plymouth Voyager front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

A 1990 Plymouth Voyager is a ( front wheel drive vehicle )

How do you install an alternator on a 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

carefully with tools and the battery disconnected

Do you have a diagram for the 1990 Chevy cavalier fuse panel?

go to autozone webpage

What engines are compatible with a 1990 Pontiac sunbird?

Chevy Cavalier or Olds Calais...

How do you find fuel filter for Chevy pu 1990 four wheel drive?

look inside the frame rail under the drivers door

What does it take to convert a 1990 GMC 1500 2 wheel drive truck to a 4 wheel drive truck in a 1990 GMC 1500 4 wheel drive?

You could do it but it would be much cheaper to just buy a good used 1990 GMC 4+4 truck and drive it.

How do i get a paint code from a vin number .1990 Chevy cavalier?


1990 Chevy cavalier oil pressure sender location?

on the block under the intake

Where is the air temperature sensor on a 1990 Chevy cavalier?

They were not use on that year. It don't have one.

Will a 1990 or 1992 Chevy cavalier heater core fit in a 1992 grand pr ix?

No it will not

Is a 1990 Honda Prelude rear wheel drive?


How much does a 1990 Chevy Cavalier weigh?

The curb weight of the 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier base sedan is 2,444 pounds. The fuel tank holds 13.6 gallons, and it uses regular unleaded gas.