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Is a 1999 dodge neon motor free wheeling?


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No. It is an interference engine.

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A free wheeling diode is used to suppress or eliminate flyback. In ULN2803, the free wheeling diode protects the output.

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This is not a question. Thanks.

Very often in translations from German to English the term 'free wheeling diode' for 'Freilauf-Diode' is used. Generally the correct translation for this term would be 'recovery diode'. The usage of the term 'free wheeling' only will be correct in mechanical aspects, e.g. the rear wheel of a bicycle or the clutch of the transmission line of a car.

Yes , according to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etc. ) it is NOT an interference engine

No. The 4.0L is a free wheeling engine.

free wheeling on a 4x4 means that the front wheels,when not locked or engaged in 4 wheel drive,will roll like a 2 wheel drive car this means less wear and tear on parts

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Check out your Public Library. Take a pencil and pad with you.

No, unless you want to install aftermarket free wheeling hubs on it.

Check E-Bay or go to your local Dodge Chrysler dealer. If they don't have it, they should be able to get it for you. If you bought your vehicle from them, they might even give it to you for free.

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go to your public library and check out a chilton, haynes, or motor manual.it is free and will be complete.

To check if your alternator is working properly, the easiest way to get it checked is to take it to a Kragens or Autozone, They will checkj it for free.

The blower motor for the Neon is located behind the glove compartment.To access the blower motor is to unplug the wiring plug from the wire harness and unlatch 3 or 4 clips.Then the blower motor is free from the vent intake.Don't forget to drop the glove compartment door.

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if the timing chain broke, your not going to see any rotation of the distributor rotor when the motor turns over. If it was running when the chain broke(likely), you probably have a few mashed valves and maybe piston damage also. A teardown is the only sure way to assess the damage. Sorry about your luck. :(

What do you mean by fixed front hubs...?...the hubs should be free wheeling while you have the switches in the centre of the hub turned in one direction...and fixed when you have them turned in the other direction...

You can buy your own code reader or bring the car to Auto Zone. They'll check it for free.

The Ranger has remote free-wheeling hubs to disconnect the front wheels from the front axle when 4wd is disengaged, reducing rolling resistance and hence tyre wear and fuel consumption. When you engage 4wd initially (when stationary) the free wheeling hubs engage automatically. Once these are engaged it is possible to shift between 2H and 4H and back when moving (e.g. when going between solid road and snow, since without a centre differential you can't safely drive the Ranger on-road in 4x4). This is why the free-wheeling hubs do not disengage automatically. To disengage them you press the RFW switch. This is the only time this switch does anything. If you drive > 60mph the RFW light will flash to remind you to press the button to disengage the free wheeling hubs.

You will need to buy a replacement free-wheeling pulley that goes in place of the seized a/c compressor......

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