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Is a 87 Mazda 626 a good parts car for a 87 Mazda RX-7?

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No, they are to totaly different cars. The RX-7 has a Rotary engine so 99% of the parts are going to be different than any other car on the market.

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What axles will interchange with a 1994 Ford Probe 5 speed?

the Mazda 626 and the Mazda rx7 are interchangeble.

How does the Mazda cx7 differ from the Mazda rx7?

The Mazda cx7 is not as good as the Rx7. The Rx7 has more power, better fuel efficiency and a sleeker appearance. The Cx7 is actually not as good as a Honda CR-7.

Where can one buy Mazda RX7 car parts?

One can buy Mazda RX7 car parts when one approaches Mazda dealerships or goes to the stores of Canadian Tire which sell Mazda parts. One can also purchase the items online at sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

How much does Mazda rx7?

mazda doesnt rx7 anymore :(

What type of engine is in a Mazda rx7?

The Mazda Rx7 has the Wankel Rotary Engine in it

What is the value of a 1989 Mazda rx7?

$3000.00 for realy good condition............

Fuel filter location Mazda rx7 1974?

Mazda didn't make the RX7 in 1974.

Transmission in a 1990 Mazda rx7 convertible automatic?

Yes, there is a transmission in a 1990 Mazda RX7 convertible.

What was the last year the RX7 was made and what model took it's place?

The Mazda RX7 was made discontinued in 2002. Mazda replaced the RX7 with the RX8 in 2003

Will a 1985 Mazda rx7 transmission fit a 1988 Mazda rx7?

Depends, which engine is in the 85, 13b or 12a?

Who drives the Mazda rx7 on fast and the furious?

on fast and the furious Tokyo drift,Han was driving the Mazda rx7.

Where could one find a secondhand Mazda RX7 for sale?

If a person would like to purchase a used Mazda RX7, it is easy to do so. The Mazda RX7 is available at any Mazda or Mitsubishi dealership which specializes in used vehicles. Additionally, a person may check their local automobile classified advertisements for a used Mazda RX7.

Are rx7 all wheel drive?

No the Mazda RX7 is only rwd

What cars use 4x110?

If you are referring to the wheel bolt pattern then here is a partial list; 1991-79 Mazda- 626 Sedan 1980-78 Mazda- RX7 1985-79 Mazda- RX7 13 x 5 1985-79 Mazda- RX7 13 x 5.5 25mm offset 1983 Mazda- RX7 LE 14 x 5.5 25mm offset 1972-70 Mazda- R100 14 x 4 1974-71 Mazda- RX2 13 x 4.5 1980-71 Mazda- RX3 13 x 4.5 30mm offset 1980-74 Mazda- RX4 13 x 5.5 1980-72 Mazda-GLC/818 There may be others but that is what i was able to come up with.

Is the 1993 Mazda rx7 a lemon?


What are the specs of a 1987 Mazda rx7?

Can someone please tell me the primary or the most suitable spark plugs for 1978 Mazda rx7?

Denso W22EBR should be the correct OEM plug for your Mazda RX7 but to make sure have the Auto Parts store look it up for you just to double check.

How much does a Mazda rx7 cost?


Wiring of a 1988 Mazda rx7?


How fast is the Mazda rx7?

210 mph

What is faster Mazda rx7 or bugatti veyron?

Mazda Rx-7, for sure! ;-)

Can you use tail light housing for a 1990 Mazda rx7 turbo convertible for a hardtop 1990 Mazda rx7 turbo?

As long as its the FC3S model it will fit.

When did the Mazda rx7 convertible come out?


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