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Is a White Shepherd still a German Shepherd?


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Yes...and no. There are purebred, registered German Shepherds who happen to be white. However, under the AKC they are disqualified for showing in the breed ring. This led to a movement to create a separate breed called the White Shepherd (as opposed to the white German Shepherd) under the UKC (United Kennel Club). There was a period of time when a registered white German Shepherd could compete under either breed, but I believe they are now considered two separate breeds. Owners of white German Shepherds had to choose which they wanted their dog to be. Part of the reason for this split is not just about color. On average, White Shepherds have more of a traditional look than modern AKC show German Shepherds. White Shepherds have level backs and are not over angulated, going back to what the German Shepherd was in the 60's and 70's.


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bolt is an american white shepherd dog not a white german shepherd people mistake it as a white german shepherd because they look like german shepherds

Yes! A white German Shepherd to be exact.

I think WHITE German shepherd dogs can also be police dogs because color of German shepherd dogs' hairs are nothing do with their body and their mind.

A white German Shepherd has a black nose and paw pads and dark brown eyes. An albino has a pink nose and pale eyes.

The White German Shepherd or plain "White Shepherd" is highly undesirable in the show ring and will either be severely penalized or plain disqualified.It's a shame but a lot of white on this breed is classed bad.

If they are white, they are not German Shepards. They are probably their cousin, the Canadian/American Shepards.

It is not a different breed, but a specific gene that causes long hair in German Shepherds. A German Shepherd with long hair is still of the German Shepherd Breed.

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Bolt is a White German Shepherd!

i don't know what u mean by dog 5 but, yes there is such thing as a white German shepherd, they are very rare though

White German Shepherd puppies can be bought on the website germanshepherd and highlandergermanshepherd. They will then deliver your new dog in New York.

A male German Shepherd and a female German Shepherd make a German Shepherd

white german shepherd a.k.a american white shepherd recognized by akc

No, though they are more uncommon than the other colours. White German Shepherds still exist, but they are barred from the show ring as white is not in the breed standard. Breeders used to (some still do) cull white puppies at birth due to their lack of show value.

My German Shepherd is white with a pink nose! <3

Yes, they are exactly the same! White German shepherd are white because German shepherds have a recessive gene that makes their coat white.

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The difference between an American Shepherd and the German Shepherd is that the American Shepherd is generally softer,heavier and larger than the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd translates to Deutscher Schäferhund

What do you mean, pick a German Shepherd?

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