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Is a conclusion about observations an experiment?


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Is a conclusion about observations FROM an experiment?


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A conclusion in order to sum their thoughts and ideas. The conclusion includes data from experiments and observations. This is done after the experiment.

problem information hypothesis experiment observations conclusion

Observations and measurements recorded during an experiment are called results. These results can help to make a conclusion or theory or become the object of further study.

A conclusion sums up all your observations,inference, and hypothesis in the experiment based on the data collected. This is to prove whether your hypothesis is accepted or rejected.

1. Observations 2.Hypothesis 3. experiment 4. analysis 5. conclusion

An inference is a logical conclusion based on observations. A generalization is a logical conclusion based on many observations and data. The difference between the two is that inferences deal with specifics pertaining to the experiment being worked on, while generalizations are more "general" and apply more to the idea than the specific experiment.

The conclusion states whether your results contradict or support your hypothesis. You write the conclusion at the end of your experiment to summarize your experiment and what you conclude about the experiment.

In order, problem, observations, experiment, data, and conclusion. These are the steps to the scientific method. Hope this helps to answer your question!: D

A conclusion is a result for a science experiment.

parts of an experimentHypothesis {[A statement that can be tested}]Prediction or Inference {[Prediction based on observations}]Independent Variable {[The variable that is changed}]Dependent Variable {[Factor that is being measured}]Conclusion {[The result of the experiment}]Hope this helps you :) ;)

A conclusion in a science experiment is the result that will be achieved. Any experiment will have a list of possible outcomes.

that is the scientific approach to any experiment and to get the precise readings in the conclusion it is important to see the minute observations

PLEASE HELP I NEED IT FOR TOMORROW. Should contain: title, aim, apparatus, procedure, observations, discussion and conclusion. ONLY SOMEONE WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF THIS EXPERIMENT OR SOMEONE THAT DID THIS EXPERIMENT.

Observations and measurements made during an experiment are called the data.

Your conclusion is what happened in YOUR experiment. You can't write the conclusion before you do the experiment. Make a hypothesis or guess, then do the experiment and write up your conclusion based on what actually happened.

The common nouns in your sentence are: conclusion and experiment.

A conclusion is what the experimenter observes from the experiment andwhether your hypothesis was proven correct or not.While the theory is the facts that is known about the experiment

observations and measurements are recorded during an experiment.

The conclusion is what happens during the experiment. In this experiment it was determined that the germination would produce certain plants.

An experiment is a method of testing whether something is right. A conclusion is the answer which is reached once the experiment is finished.

Observations are carried out again and again to finally come to a conclusion. This conclusion is than checked over various experiments.

The result of an experiment is a conclusion.data..?

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