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Is a copper silver ion generator effective for keeping a pool clean?

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Both of those metals are excellent algaecides. Most commercial bottled algaecides are either copper- or silver-based. I would imagine that a copper or silver ion generator would be useful. Not sure how cost-effective they'd be.

2006-07-21 00:54:19
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Q: Is a copper silver ion generator effective for keeping a pool clean?
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Are silver copper and tin conductors of electricity?

Yes, they are. Silver is best, copper a little less effective, and tin about a factor of ten less effective.

Copper silver nitrate?

copper + silver nitrate -->

What is Silver Nitrate plus copper?

As copper is more reactive than silver copper will displace silver and will become copper nitrate and silver is left by its own from the reaction

Does silver react with copper chloride?

No. Silver is below copper in the reactivity series of metals, so silver will not replace the copper in copper chloride.

What is the word equation for the reaction between copper and silver nitrate?

copper+silver nitrate=copper nitrate+silver

Can silver used to make electrical wires?

Silver can be used to make electrical wires, but it is not cheap. Copper is much less expensive and is more cost effective.

NAME OF A metal that replaces silver from silver nitrate solution?

copper will replace silver in silver nitratesolution will precipitate silver and oxidize copper turning to copper nitrate

Is silver heavier then copper?

Silver is almost twice as heavy as copper.

Is chariots of silver and copper a idiom?

No, it means chariots with silver and copper on them.

Is copper denser than silver?

Silver is denser than copper.

Which colloidal silver generator creates the smallest particle size silver?

The Micro particle colloidal silver generator is currently the most popular generator that produces the smallest particle size silver. It is one method of obtaining pure, therapeutic-quality silver.

Are copper and silver elements or compounds?

Copper and Silver are both elements. However the copper and silver objects you find in everyday life are unlikly to be 100% pure copper or silver. These objects will be made with copper or silver alloyed to other metals to improve its properties or decrease its cost.

If copper displaces silver from silver nitrate will silver displace copper ll nitrate?

No, copper replaces silver because it is more reactive than silver, and therefore more stable in a compound.

How could you react silver nitrate and copper?

By dissolving the silver nitrate in water, then stirring finely divided copper into the water. The copper will displace silver from the silver nitrate as a solid and form copper nitrate in the solution.

Is gold combination to silver and copper?

Gold, silver and copper can form alloys.

When copper reacts with silver nitrate what element is set free?

Copper replaces silver to form Copper Nitrate and silver is obtained in solid state.

Copper plus silver nitrate gives silver plus copper nitrate?

Yes, copper is above silver on the periodic table, so they react.

Which weighs more copper or silver?

Copper has a higher density then silver. So a cubic inch of copper weighs more then a cubic inch of silver.

Can you stir silver nitrate solution with a copper spoon why or why not?

No, we cannot stir silver nitrate solution with a copper spoon because , copper is more reactive than silver. Thus,it would displace silver from the silver nitrate solution forming copper nitrate....

Which will rust faster Cooper or silver?

copper and silver dont rust. but copper tarnishes and so does silver. but copper will tarnish faster than silver. also, learn to spell please.

What would happen if a copper coin were kept immersed in a solution of silver nitrate write the word equation also?

copper is placed above the silver in the ractivity series which indicates that copper is more reactive than silver . when a copper coin is kept immersed in a solution of siler nitrate ,silver from its solution will deposit on copper coin . copper slowly displaces silver from the silver nitrate solution and the colour of solution changes from colourless to blue due to the formation of copper nitrate . the copper coin will disappear and silver will percipate out .

Copper will react with silver nitrate to form copper nitrate and silver From this reaction 127.1 grams of copper will produce how many grams of silver?

431.5 grams

What happens when you mix silver and water together?

After awhile the silver will turn into copper because silver is originated from copper

Why is copper used for wires and not silver?

Silver is the best conductor but copper is used because silver is too expensive.

What is the difference between silver plate and silver on copper?

Both are silver plated, but silver on copper tells you what kind of metal is used as an underlay. Silver plated copper is more valuable than silver on a white metal or zinc underlay.